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My OCD has been really bad lately so I’ve not been as productive as I want to be, it gets in the way a lot and slows me down - so I doodled up a Phos using mostly MS Paint to try and relax and get into the swing of things again!MSPaint Adventures - Homestuck Edition, the Final Acts. at its peak a Homestuck Patreon would have blown past 2000 patrons in a matter of hours, but it says a lot.The latest Tweets from Hypnoticsymbiosis (@Hypnoticsymbio2). 20 something guy into hypnosis, rubber, leather, and cigars. Write/wrote dirty stories. I also like roleplaying, so feel free to DM if interested!Dave Kelly Turns Out To Be Even More Of A Pedophile Than Anyone Knew. Shortly before the end of 2016 the Kiwi Farms thread on Shmorky open with some disgusting pedophile klurf art, proving beyond all doubt his Down's syndrome smurf knockoff really are for him to show the world his child fucking fantasies, and to make it worse, he shared this with minors.access to the Eatmypaint Patreon Blog! Here I'll post updates about comics, sketches for eatmypaints in progress, upcoming events and other exciting news. This is exclusive to Patreon Supporters so you'll get all the juicy gossip FIRST! PLUS how good will it feel to know that you're helping out for.MS Paint Adventures is a catch-all term for several webcomics by Andrew Hussie which were originally made in Microsoft Paint, but later switched to Adobe …If you're using an ad-blocker, please consider disabling it on my site or tossing a few bucks to my patreon or paypal. Thanks, friend. Site Built By Caleb Tavros about being followed by an orange guy, and Andrew is seen hiding in the background. One can surmise he's been following her ever since she rejected his proposal; however, if Meenah brings him the pretzeled Horse Hitcher in Openbound Part 1, he immediately forgets about Vriska and takes to trailing after Meenah.Can you make art in Microsoft paint? I did a little Photoshop vs Microsoft Paint challenge and decided to paint a digital portrait of Alita, from the movie A Mspaint guy on patreon.

[UPDATE] Amazon is restricting sales of used first-party Nintendo games and products. Amazon is attempting to curb the sale of used Nintendo games on its platform, according to a mass-email that has been going out to sellers.As seen on Game Grumps and nothing elseGet it for becoming a Patreon on my Patreon for this. and GIMP compatible -- they are not MSPaint compatible at this time. This guy xD Im so buying this.The latest Tweets from MS Paint Adventures (@mspaintcosplay). Regular Cosplay Updates from MS Paint Adventures, courtesy of American Cosplay Paradise! artist mspaintart mspaint mspaintartist microsoftpaint patreon mail mailart postcards postcard mailbox snailmail taron egerton rocket man elton john rocketman bryce dallas howard blessed hewwo all hewwo :0 hewwo owo hewwo <3 also hewwoMay China be blessed with a bountiful sorghum harvest! 🐔 Twitter: twitter/Nomicro4u 💰 Patreon: www.patreon/Nomicro4u 💬 Discord: httpsTop Patreon Drawing & Painting Ranked list of the most popular Patreon drawing & painting including top earners. Updated daily mspaint guy on patreon.Our new Indie Games subforum is now open for business in G&T. Go and check it out, you might land a code for a free game. If you're developing an indie game and want to post about it, follow these directions.Q AGG: Rise 3: From The End With Love Thread. "Holy shit fuck MSPaint I'm never using it for this again" in MSPaint . this guy is one of our best friends! He's. Mspaint guy on patreon.

MSPaintGuy from /utg/ plays Undertale 2. Second part, you goat-lovers. PART 1: Now, I know what you may be thinking. This is getting really Gay. But should seecustom-install is a new homebrew that allows you to install 3DS CIA files to your SD, with just a PC. The Nintendo 3DS homebrew scene is still alive and kicking, with a new and very useful project by the simple name of custom-install.Sometimes I make videos. IF THIS VIDEO HITS 50 MILLION VIEWS I'LL DRINK SOME KLORAIN NEXT!!!!!-----Music:MSPaint Adventures - Homestuck Edition, the Final Acts. and wants to make the bad guy look silly. with a potential 2nd monthly update if the associated Patreon.About The MSPaint Comic The MSPaint Comic is a graphic novel series written and illustrated by Kevin Tracy using Microsoft Paint. The series will occur over the course of five large volumes and several small side stories.Check out MsPaintGTS's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired.How to Draw Manga on MS Paint. It's true that MS paint can be hard to draw on because of it's lack of "sophisticated" tools, but that doesn't mean you can't make great art! This will help you get an idea of how to draw basic anime/manga onSisters had the perfect Equestria Daily pre-reader. In stark contrast to my other pre-readers, my only message from him or her said, in full, Congratulations. Your story has been accepted, and will be posted within a few days. Thanks to Cobra Commander for telling me it needed more Fancy Pants and a dash of Trixie mspaint guy on patreon.An MS Paint patron’s reward of Oni Genji! I super loved drawing this one. I draw rewards for + patrons every month! Mspaint guy on patreon.

my art ms paint fnaf five nights at freddy's Dave Miller william afton purple guy spring bonnie TSE TTO TFC seems i can only make shit content when i use MSpaint idk who el stabbo is but i guess its a knife contemplating coloring this mess with crabbo you get [el] stabboIf he wasn't an incredible guy, he wouldn't have made it into The MSPaint Comic. And while I had already planned on making Sparks the hero of a fight scene in Volume 2, this is going to be REALLY epic now. It's the least I can do to honor my brother's memory. Part of the KTracy network. Created by Pixel Perfect Solutions, LLC.A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together. About 8,000 pages. Don't say we didn't warn you.Be Unique. Shop sprite onesies created by independent artists from around the globe. We print the highest quality sprite onesies on the internetIt's been many years, about ten or more, when MSPaintBattles threw down the gauntlet and challenged PhotoshopBattles to a battle of the subs. I'd love to see this happen again, I wasn't around for the first one.Problem Sleuth is the third MS Paint Adventure.Initially a parody of detective noir stories, though quickly abandoning that premise in favor of stranger and wackier plot directions, the adventure tells the story of Problem Sleuth, Ace Dick and Pickle Inspector, three competing private detectives who operate out of neighboring offices in the same building.Ms. Paint's Art Race is an art competition that focuses specifically on drag and fashion design. Inspired by reality TV shows such as RuPaul's Drag Race, Project Runway, and America's Next Top Model, MPAR challenges contestants to create drag characters and design unique and interesting looks for them each week, based on specific themes and.Xtreme Auto Finishes is the only auto paint company that offers two things in the industry that no one else does. First, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for the Life of the Product. And Second, we offer 2 1/2 times the industry standard of UV protection. Learn MoreAre you ready? Pencils sharpened, MSPaint open, and prepared to create your masterpiece? Hell yeah, now put those down. It's Saturday. You had your brunch, afterbrunch, got your groceries and baked some cookies, played a bit of video games. Nice Saturday. Now record and upload and audio of you humming a bit from a favorite song (and include title). Mspaint guy on patreon.

This would be the first bit of content that The Inkasters would have as part of their Patreon, so I'd publish these there. "Oh so is it Patron exclusive content?" Yes and no. These first two Shonen Phone-In are going to be just free to the public right from the get-go so that you guys can see if you like the format and you'd want to support it.MSPaintGuy from /utg/ plays Undertale 1. Based /utg/ goat-lover PART 2: SOURCE: playsundertale/. senere " " nu. did I end up here! Good thing I houe .9 confy bl Mspaint guy on patreon.


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