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22 Sep 2021, 18:33

You are eligible to vote for the next monster girl to be added to the game. Access to updates and random posts on the progress of development. Discuss the game with other patrons and influence the game All of the above Get a copy of the game at release! (Only 1 per user) Your name in the credits.Patrons can vote to decide what I post next! My name is Rtenzo, some of you know me as Ero-Enzo, and I am a NSFW artist who enjoys drawing lewds. By supporting me on Patreon, you can help enable me to become a full-time artist, allowing me to produce sexy anime arts for all my fans to enjoy. I am.Access to the Activity Feed! Discuss the game with myself and other patrons! Patron status on our Discord server, including access to a patron-only channel! A patron-only gifset containing all of the game's H-scenes in gif format! My heart-felt appreciation for supporting the development of my games. 8chan patreon sakimichan.


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