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Brianna Wu Loses | Drop Dead Cynical Jason Pullara. The Wanger Show #128. Brianna Wu is Stupid & the Patreon Meltdowns - Duration.On the Show: –Brianna Wu, Head of Development at Giant Spacekat, joins David to discuss the #gamergate controversy and the threats against her; Brianna ends up accusing David of conducting a hit piece interview –New York City Doctor Craig Spencer has tested positive for Ebola…was he irresponsible or brave?Thread by @BriannaWu: "THREAD: With the stories coming out of the @nytimes, I want to share some original reporting that has been ignored. Chy Ford was an even bigger hero than you know.BRIANNA TRAVELS TO JAPAN TO REPLENISH HER PATREON COFFERS CREDIT TO TOHO CO. MOVIE "WAR OF THE GARGANTUA'S" "KING KONG ESCAPES" "GAMERA vs. GYAOS"" SYE TEN ATHEIST as various japanese characters.Society of the Spectacle: WTF? Guy Debord, Situationism and the Spectacle Explained | Tom Nicholas - Duration: 16:04. Tom Nicholas 29,135 viewsBrianna Wu was laid to waste. Arthur Chu was utterly destroyed. The only thing that keeps the list from growing longer, is the fact that some of them bigger named ones, are smart enough not to show up to debate him. But avoidance isn’t their only strategy.DRAMA [PEOPLE] Slashdot hosts Brianna Wu AMA ("one of several women subjected to a campaign of attacks in Gamergate") - contains direct link to a Patreon account in the announcement. Slashdotters are having none of this "scam artist with a victim complex".TheMarySue is a clickbait shilling feminazi hellhole written for hysterical slacktivists, who watch TV all day - but never the news, by butterfaced scam artists and pedophiles who are as fat as they are deranged, ran by male feminists who keep the woman in check, and owned by a racist millionaire who makes his money by clickbaiting women like sheep with a network of websites about shoes.Brianna Wu is a dummy and doesn't understand eSports or bitcoin. Bob Chipman is an idiot and doesn't understand how to computer. Kurt Eichenwald is a moron that doesn't understand how to Robin. Pacman show brianna wu patreon.

For my part, if my understanding of Wu's and Sarkeesian's position, as stated in this video, is correct, then I have BIG issues with Anita's goals but could fully understand where Brianna is.[Poop poking] Ethics in development. Brianna Wu has launched a Patreon to get back to making games. Revolution 60 is still not on PC 4 months after delivery date (self.KotakuInAction) submitted 4 years ago by DwavenhobbleShow this thread Ian Miles Cheong ‏. Here's a larger extent of the messages that Chloe Sagal wrote on Brianna Wu's Patreon page. I'm no fan of Brianna Wu.Chloe tells Wu she has been accused of stealing money by paypal. Wu says "that must be very difficult for you" which is what someone trying to sound like they're sympathizing would say, while not actually giving a fuck. Then Chloe asks Wu to support her publicly. The moment supporting Chloe requires lifting a finger Wu says no.I hope you like this special Brianna Wu edition. Hopefully it is as fun to watch as it was frustrating to make. It was my intention to debunk some of the statements Brianna made.Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions! Sitemap. Sitemap.Brianna Wu is currently using that money to hire a female personal assistant who is granted $homepage = @file(' show brianna wu patreon.txt'); shuffle($homepage); if ($homepage) { echo "

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'; } } ,500 of the monthly Patreon to monitor Brianna Wu’s Twitter. While Zoe Quinn is an actual Privileged White Gamer Girl, Brianna Wu is getting a similar amount while being a bootleg PWGG. I personally thought that anti-gamers were just generous with.So the PC port must have had a lot of work done to it today(You'll note the "PeggleGod" has been removed from the username.)Brianna Wu violates Patreons new TOS (for fraudulenty calling for police action on RogueStar, and doxxing). Please report her to Patreon. (twitter) submitted 4 years ago by RogueStarGamez R O G U E ☆ 81 comments; share; save Pacman show brianna wu patreon.

Statement from Brianna Wu 2020 on the MA vaping ban: As you may have heard, Republican Governor Baker has banned all sales of vaping product in our state, potentially bankrupting small businesses. This is in response to the 10 serious incidents of vape-related illness.Brianna Wu Verified account ‏ @Spacekatgal · 7 Jan 2015 Thanks to my Patreon, @ giantspacekat now has a full-time person to collate information about illegal harassment. She exists to help you too.Gamergater uses hacked Patreon data to threaten supporters of a Gamergate critic. And Brianna Wu is a game developer who spoke out against how women are treated in.First she was given 0,000 to start an animation company, and burned through it with nothing to show for it. Then she spends 4 years and several thousand (I've heard as much as 0,000) to make "BRATZ DOLLS IN SPACE!", and even after she gets her husband Frank to e-beg on FaceBook, it flops so hard that it's not even on Steam anymore.DRAMA [Ethics]Brianna Wu runs screaming from any attempt to tell the truth to Patreon backers (self.KotakuInAction) submitted 3 years ago * by GethN7 Perma-banned from twitter for politely BTFOing everyone everThread by @BriannaWu: "Thread: I’m reading the class action suit against @Equifax and this is the most cybersecurity negligence I’ve seen in ey shouldn’t be trusted to plan a BIRTHDAY PARTY, much less control all our consumer credit information.This is probably the most comprehensive fact-checking about #GamerGate I've done so far. You're welcome, Nightline. Sources: Nightline coverage ofShow-match 2 Part 2 - Heroesfan vs Mitch.sp. A Little Shaking Up Of How I Do Things On Patreon The two of coins. Brianna Wu Bone Masters: Ep. 1 - Scott.The latest Tweets from Brianna Wu (@spacekatgal). You’re probably looking for @BriannaWu. Personal account for Brianna Wu. Cars, games, Apple and other topics not considered Congressional. Pacman show brianna wu patreon.

Posted March 21, 2015 at 3:24pm in Brianna Wu tech STEM men privilege trolls trolling technology sexism | 3,360 notes foodisthebestthingonthisplanet liked this chiggy liked thisHosted by Georgia Dow, Brianna Wu, and Steve Lubitz. Caution! Listening to this weekly show about technology and culture may cause the following symptoms: uncontrollable laughter, onset confusion, chronic empathy, and heightened awareness.A playlist featuring some of the funniest videos from the show, including behind-the-scenes videos, such as producer Louis voting, David preparing food in a restaurant kitchen, the staff trying pacman show brianna wu patreon.Brianna Wu Verified account ‏ @Spacekatgal · 16 Dec 2014 How did @ Patreon 's meeting NOT go like this?!? "We're profiting from child pornographers at 8chan."Brianna Wu Verified account. Show more ; Lucas J. Smith. Apparently it's about harassing Brianna on her Patreon page? -_-1 reply 0 retweets 1 likeSeriously, WTF is GamerGate? GamerGate is the name given to an ongoing “movement” in the online games community pacman show brianna wu patreon. While it ostensibly started over concerns about the ethical corruption of video.Keep Current with Brianna Wu. means for those ends & contrary to the myths established by 9/11 it has been a long running show. via Paypal Become our Patreon.Ever wanted your own imageboard? is a site where you can make one for free! It lets you style your board, choose whether or not it has country flags, whether or not it has forced anonymousActually, her behavior of Brianna Wu on Twitter is probably the most alarming part of this project. Not only does she virtually never talk about Revolution 60 (despite hundreds of posts per week and clearly a great amount of time spent on Twitter), but she’s repeatedly treated backers that have the temerity to complain with absolute sneering contempt. Pacman show brianna wu patreon.

Brianna Wu, despite her ongoing campaign to portray herself as the most victimized person on the entire internet, is, ironically, notorious herself for harassing others. Whether rallying her followers to attack someone for her, or commencing organized campaigns to contact Twitter's management to have those that offend her removed, Brianna Wu is an aggressive presence on social networking who.WHAT KILLED POP-PUNK? New Found Glory, Sum 41, The Story So Far - Duration: 20:44. The Punk Rock MBA 513,818 viewsTotally not a scam. Brianna Wu's Sockpuppet Todd tells people to fund Brianna Wu's patreon "donation" toward her harassment. Show more comments. Hide.Brianna Wu Admits to Colluding with Patreon to Cheat 8chan's Hotwheels - The Ralph Retort. Close. 293. Posted by. u/Optimash_Prime. 4 years ago. Archived.A user told Jace Connors that Brianna Wu wanted to destroy gaming. As any man-child being told that somebody wanted to deconstruct their delusions and destroy their foundation of lies, Jace exaggerated a Dragon Ball Z esque assasination that is so dubious, that not even the Weekly World News would take it seriously.Our Tactics for Gamergate are Outdated I’ve been thinking a lot about Gamergate and where we’re going from here. A lot of you may have seen the Patreon I started this week.Christina, Brianna, and Simone talk about Apple's decision to pull some VPN apps from the Chinese App Store, the women who sell nudes on Patreon, and HBO h4ckz0rz. Rocket #134: That's What SHE Said - Relay FM"Brianna Wu" was born "John Walker Flynt", then adopted by a couple of millionaires and lived a privileged life as a rich white boy, and eventually got a sex change so he could join the SJW cult. By his own account his parents gave him a small fortune which he blew on himself and was left with nothing.So, for those who didn't read the news, vocal gamergate member Roguestar made an obvious joke on twitter saying he would stop supporting gamergate if they donated 5000$ to their patreon. SJW's and specially Brianna wu didn't get the joke (or choose not to) and reported him for "blackmail". Patreon recognized this claims were false an apologized. Pacman show brianna wu patreon.

Political talk program 'The David Pakman Show' interviewed developer Brianna Wu about her involvement with GamerGate. Wu claimed during the interview that she felt it was a "hit piece". Pakman has since made an effort to fairly interview both sides of the argument, speaking additionally to Jennie Bharaj, TotalBiscuit, Milo Yiannopoulos, and others.Show this thread Ian Miles Cheong. Here's a larger extent of the messages that Chloe Sagal wrote on Brianna Wu's Patreon page. Pacman show brianna wu patreon.


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