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Ko-fi is by far the most cost-effective way to start making an income from fans of what you do. Unlike Patreon and other services, Ko-fi doesn’t take a cut of your donations and we don’t chargeSocial Manager Tools. Desktop App that provides tools and bots for instagram, twitter, facebook and other social networks: FREE.This software performs automated actions such as putting "I like" based on hashtags, follow-defollow, writing comments, scraping pages and many other useful features to increase your engagement.With the launch of Mahou Profile, I'm also re-launching my Patreon and opening a new Ko-Fi page to help support my work! In the short term, even just a few extra bucks helps right now (student.No, Ko-fi is a one-time donation. And yes, you can support me on both Patreon and Ko-fi (or either one of these). Are you joining Ko-fi Gold? Not at this time.#1: xRenascent on 2 years ago: Been seeing a lot of Patreon and Ko-Fi links out there for cosplayers (and artists/prop-makers/etc.). For those who aren't familiar with them, Patreon is a site where fans and supporters can donate or send money to their favorite cosplayers and whatnot to support them financially to support their hobby (or their job, if it's what they do), in exchange for.Comics and artwork. contact For fanmail and business inquiries: [email protected] most definitely falls under that, even if it's just voluntary tips. I have plans to find a finnish lawyer to ask these things. Unfortunately their time isn't cheap and finding one who even knows what Reddit is, much less patreon, is going to be a chore. Hoping this place might have some ideas.On Ko-Fi, the money is directly paid to the creator removing the opportunity to freeload. This problem is commonly referred to as Dine and Dash in the patron community. Patreon doesn’t accept tips like Ko-Fi. Patreon also seems to have the larger userbase which is an advantage because it gives you a marketplace to showcase your content.Out of curiosity, does anyone here really use patreon or Ko-fi to help fund their projects? If so, have you had much success? If so, how? Glancing over some of the more successful patreons for VNs, a lot of them seem to either have an established fanbase to begin with (via multiple games or releases), fulfill a particular niche genre, or can afford to constantly release content. Ko fi o patreon.

Ko-fi does not accept responsibility for the accuracy or correctness of user generated content. Ko-fi does not explicitly or implicitly condone or support any message or claim made by any of its users. ‍ Ko-fi is a listing platform only and doesn't guarantee or endorse any Creator content.Patreon allows me to charge people monthly. For example, if you were to sign up for my 'One dollar a week' tier, you would help me out with 4 dollars a month! Doesn't seem like much, does it? Ko-fi works as a one time donation and you can donate 3 pounds towards my cause by sending me a Ko-fi!Art Commissions, Ko-fi and Patreon by impulsive-doodles Making a updated journal and such for now. Currently life is just having its rough times and meh times irl when it comes to money.Ko-fi lets creators receive support from fans of their content for the price of a coffee! Start a free page now. Ko-fi allows creators to get support from fans of their content for the price of a coffee!October Ko-fi and Patreon Roundup: Post Your Links This will be pinned for October. Artists feel free to post your ko-fi, patreon, social media or other accounts that show your work, and offer people a chance to tip/invest.Ko-Fi is good for people who want to make a one-time donation, and it's more streamlined than Paypal's donation system. You just click a link and it takes you to a page to make your donation. Ko-Fi is also easier for creators to set up.Ko-fi is helping all kinds of creators, including Artists, YouTubers, Bloggers, Developers, Podcasters, and more.Layanan seperti Patreon dan Ko-fi memungkinkan pencipta (creators) menghasilkan uang dari konten mereka. Alih-alih mengandalkan sebagian kecil persentase pendapatan dari YouTube atau iklan Google, kini memungkinkan bagi blogger, artis, cosplayer, streamer, dan semua jenis creators untuk menggunakan layanan tersebut untuk menerima uang langsung dari penggemar.light u up. <3 — Twitter | Patreon | Ko-Fi. Welcome! I draw Overwatch art + comics! Welcome! I draw Overwatch art + comics! Ko fi o patreon.

Hey ya'll welcome to the Patreon! I'm making this just as a means to get some financial help and become a full-time NSFW artist! A: I want THIS to be my second, and eventual, full time job. If I got a second job then there'd be no more ToshkArts. Q: Will there be continuous "Patron Only" art? A: Yes.Patreon is the best place for creators to establish ongoing and predictable monthly revenue and expand their career as a creator. Ko-fi. The fast, friendly and.I intend on always having the comic be free to read and hopefully with support on Patreon, Ko-fi and my Art Shop, I’ll be able to get back to doing more pages per week. I decided to expand this new Patreon incarnation to encompass ALL my art stuff, as opposed to just being strictly Sacrimony-related.Hey, if you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me through Patreon and or Ko-Fi! If you're interested in my artwork or any of the rewards, click on one of the links below based on your support preference!The paid account creates a direct connection between you as the creator and Ko-Fi. You pay them, and they make not a single dime off your patrons — so their board of directors, if they ever decide to have one, CANNOT look at the folks supporting your work as sheep to be fleeced (Patreon’s business model).Ko-fi || Patreon || Personal Blog || Twitter || Deviantart || Smackjeeves Next || Previous || FirstEscher Girls Float like a butterfly, Sting like a WTF? This is a blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous, impossible or disturbing ways that sacrifice storytelling.People Returning Chris Watts- "Letters From Christopher" Book To Amazon and Much More Live!!! MommyRamblingsBlog 905 watching. Live nowTweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. Ko fi o patreon.

Both Ko-fi and Patreon requires a huge fanbase to make it work. Ko-fi has a base price of but it's for one off donations. You can use it to set a funding goal. No paywalling option for this. Patreon has a base price of php and you can set it as a monthly tip jar or a monthly subscription service.Awhile ago, I started up a Ko-fi page as an online “tip jar” for one-time donations. While Ko-fi’s nice, I figured it’s not as well known or established as Patreon ko fi o patreon. (It’s also tied to PayPal, which some people dislike.) Thus, I thought I’d try Patreon again, only this time with a few changes from before.Ko-fi is an online service that allows you to receive money from people who enjoy your work. You set up an account and connect it to your PayPal, meaning people can donate small amounts of money with just the click of a button.If you don’t want to make a monthly commitment to my Patreon or purchase any of my published works but do still want to support me, my ko-fi is always available for a tip of a hot chocolate <3 I do actually tend to use those tips legit as something nice rather than bills and necessary finances so I will treat myself every now and then to an.Ko-fi | Patreon Guess where the costumes are fromDiaMari Ohara Mari Kurosawa DiaKo-fi is about donating to someone and not necessarily expecting anything back, while Patreon works off a payment and reward based system- thus why Patreon is baseline more like a job. You can offer rewards or exclusive content on Ko-fi, but the site isn't designed to have tiers or specific reward perks like Patreon does.Ko-fi is similar in that you can support creators that you like by buying them a coffee, which equates to £3/ or whatever your preferred currency is. Unlike Patreon, Ko-fi is one off (tip jar style) payments. There is no subscription, which I think sometimes puts people off Patreon.Patreon, Ko-fi, Drip, etc As some of you may know, Patreon recently announced a change to its terms that shifts the onus of most of the fees onto the patron.Patreon/Ko-Fi, Episode 35 of Nightdancer in WEBTOON. BL *Story about a boy and a vampire. *read right to left * *scroll type version. skip content. WEBTOON. Nightdancer Ko fi o patreon.

Patreon Ko-fi. Equestria Girls starswirl music festival rainbow dash dash blitz rainbow blitz Twilight Sparkle sci-twi applejack rarity dirk thistleweed ragamuffin ko fi o patreon.Right now Ko-Fi is more urgent (Patreon bills at the end of the month), but I want to recognize all my patrons, too. Patreon is a fantastic platform for creators such as myself, to receive financial assistance from followers like you, in order to keep creating the content that you love.Using the Ko-fi Logo and Icon Download the Ko-fi logo, buttons and icons here. Feel free to use the buttons and other assets in your projects and to promote your page. Please be sure to follow the brand guidelines.Read Patreon and Ko-fi from the story This is my life now (COMPLETE) by PandoraShadow (Xy) with 1,865 reads. undertale, fresh, paperjam. So I decide to open a Ko fi o patreon.


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