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Education & training video templates Create a video for education and training that your pupils will love.Patreon, San Francisco, California. 189,353 likes · 534 talking about this. Patreon powers membership businesses for creators by providing them with theA crowdfunding explainer video is an investment in your crowdfunding campaign’s success. As people continue to prefer video over text, the investment can help potential supporters find and understand your campaign. They can be your best salesperson, giving the perfect pitch everytime and can help give you a better chance at campaign success.Delphine also has a Patreon account where fans can pay a set amount every month for access to “lewd HD photosets” and “all my Ahegao photos” (for the uninitiated “ahegao” is an sexual facial expression often used in Japanese porn, video games and anime). Currently, over 4,000 people are signed up.In a world where the content of digital images and videos can no longer be taken at face value, an unlikely hero fights for the acceptance of truth.Thanks for visiting my Patreon page! My name is Dr. Mark Coster and my goal is to help as many Organic Chemistry students, worldwide, as possible. Become a patron and get access to my private Slack workspace, where you can get help with Organic Chemistry directly from me for only php per month! A.4. Download the latest version of Unreal Engine, and, as the explainer video points out, jump in to experiment with real-time ray tracing. This is the first in Unreal Engine’s sponsored series of videos at befores & afters. Keep an eye out for exclusives on cinematic editing in Unreal Engine, virtual production, real-time physics and FX, and.Jumping into Patreon with me does two things at once - it provides some funds to improve the quality of the vlog through a variety of means, but mainly by freeing up more of my time, which has fed back into each video as I dedicate more of that time and energy into planning and executing better videos.The videos are very time consuming work. In order to be able to continue to build and put out videos every week, we have hired someone to help edit while Alix continues to capture the footage and work on Arabella. Without support, we would need to go back to full time jobs and stop providing videos to follow along patreon explainer video. What is Patreon? Patreon explainer video.

Their Patreon intro video gives potential patrons a taste of their content by starting off with an excerpt from a podcast episode. Next, they tell us more about the podcast itself and how Patreon supporters can help them create better content.Join the Motionographer Patreon campaign today! Likely the most ridiculous explainer video you’ve seen [NSFW]. 2D animation, character animation, explainer video.Swagkage is an anime YouTuber who joined back in 2014. He makes videos, typcally on Naruto and Dragonball Z, but sometimes other anime, where he gives detailed explanations of certain concepts from those series, including characters, abilities, locations, creatures, and abilities, etcWe would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.Though Primordial Creative works in a variety of genres, I've built this Patreon around the photos and videos I've done with some of the best models around for the last 7 years including brand new work. The reward tiers include: -photosets and video art pieces, PG + uncensored, with accompanying explainer videos where I tell you how it was all madeWe're launching a Patreon page soon, which allows you to get rewards for supporting us. Take a look at this explainer video if you are unfamiliar with it. httAutoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next Playing Chrome Dinosaur Game For 1 Year (World Record) Hype Zone 1,379 watchingPosting your explainer videos natively to Facebook can help infiltrate your social audience in ways YouTube cannot. Facebook videos show up as playable previews in the News Feed, while YouTube links only show a static card with the video title and thumbnail image.Just a guy trying to have fun on this crazy website I stream art from time to time and post comic dubs Patreon explainer video.

Support my work on Patreon and get behind the scenes, chats and exclusive videos! (Not sure what Patreon is then watch this short video explainer!) VIDEO: Mini Abstract Challenge – Break It Down, Build It UpVideo intro templates Add some sizzle to your content with the perfect video intro.Pro tip: Take a screenshot of the “become a patron” button on your Patreon page and plug it into your website, blog, etc. as a link back to your Patreon page. Always Be Creating. You’ve done it all: HTML, a sleek explainer video, a plethora of benefits — and then don’t actually share any content with their patrons.Patreon Assembly took place in November 2019, and was an afternoon of storytelling and performances about the power of creativity. We gathered some of the biggest names in film, podcasting, art, activism, music, and media to address creators of all kinds.The Patreon Poet. 56 likes. This is the Facebook page of The Patreon Poet. Here you will news, events, links, videos and more that relate to the PatreonFor crowdfunding projects on platforms like Kickstarter and Patreon, animation help campaigns stand out and can lead to great results. The most-backed Kickstarter campaign of all time – and 3rd most funded game on Kickstarter ever – Exploding Kittens – used a hilarious explainer video to tell the story of their unconventional card game.I would love to know. Hope this video gives you some more ideas on what to do on your next DIY journal page! Support my work on Patreon and get behind the scenes, chats and exclusive videos! (Not sure what Patreon is then watch this short video explainer!) VIDEO: DIY Journal: How To Work On Your Next Varied PagePatreon may be a completely new concept to a lot of your fans, so it's important that you make sure they understand how it all works before asking them to become your patrons. In the days leading up to your launch, promote a few creators you admire on social media, share our explainer video and build the hype of joining your Patreon community.Dazzle potential new patrons with this Patreon video template. Explain what you’re all about, add some photos of your project, and edit the music and colors. Patreon explainer video.

A vlog is a video blog, basically a quick video walkthrough, by you, of what Patreon is and why you’re doing a campaign. That’s advice directly from CEO, Jack Conte. and it’s pretty sound given the platform is still making waves. If you’re looking for the words, use Patreon’s.Use one of Biteable's Explainer video templates as a starting point for your next video creation. Patreon Edit video. Watch Full Screen. Explainer Script Edit.At this tier you get access one of my narrated explainer videos every month, as well as my brush video and palette video. The cloud and sky video in my Introduction is a good example of the kind of thing you can expect. The videos in this series are the exact exercises that I do with the beginners.Join the Motionographer Patreon campaign today! InYard Inyard From the creator. Design, explainer video, motion design., pattern, texture. Uploaded on Oct 22.The Computer Clan is a community for techies, and for people curious about tech. We've been creating entertaining and educational tech videos on YouTube since 2007.Everything? Really? Perhaps it’s impossible, but our aim is to develop a destination where everything in the Fully Charged universe is found.Support my work on Patreon and get behind the scenes, chats and exclusive videos! (Not sure what Patreon is then watch this short video explainer!) VIDEO: Mini Abstract Challenge – Break It Down, Build It UpJoin the Motionographer Patreon campaign today! Demo Duck “Video For Any Mission” Demo Duck. One explainer video to explain them all.Published on Oct 9, 2016 - I am a flat colourist on the HiFi Design team and working on books for DC Comics as well as Titan Comics! I am a book illustrator and worked on titles like Dr.Dimension. Patreon explainer video.

The latest Tweets from Trey the Explainer (@Trey_Explainer). A very Gentleman Scientist and Z-Grade Internet Celebrity, who's main goal is to educate the next generation about accurate paleontology, biology, and scienceBelievers in the power of storytelling and art to shift perspectives and raise awareness about the social impact of artificial intelligence, supporters will receive social media shout recognition and ongoing project updates. Flight crew members will receive all the perks of being a supporter and.How to create a killer SCRIPT for a one minute video patreon explainer video. I spent some time dissecting Patreon's video, I found this useful so I can maybe follow a similar format.Thousands of you out there chug new episodes right after I release them. But this is a side-gig hobby for me and if I'm going to keep going over the long term I have to stay motivated. That's what.We make funny videos. Video meme humor content. Patreon explainer video.


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