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Another Gay Furry Page. 22K likes. Here we post mostly Chubby/Bear/Bara stuff, but you can find other body types too :)I am kemono and like drawing furry , kemono (Anthro) arts a lot. I hope you like my artwork . ( but be warned, most of my art are adult rating) if you want general , female and fanart please go here : The reason I do patreon: In my country, Drawing isn't a popular job because it consider as low income job. So I will show every one that my.Tokenworks. 1,350 likes · 52 talking about this. Tokenworks is the duo of artists. Our mission is offer you comics and illustrations showing our artisticFurries Furry Comics Gay Furries Gay Furry Comics Intersex. that was barachan. Its sajin but not the Christmas. booboo patreon rewards is really hard to find.And on /dis/ there were just people yelling at each other about what the term "bara" means and complaining about how it's sexist to say that bara is "art/manga/comics by gay men for gay men". At this point you can just stalk /y/, the "bara" tag on tumblr, gelbooru, rule34, and eventually e-hentai for patreon rewards/new works from artists.Welcome to my Patreon page ! I'm a furry artist from China,I like and good at drawing furry/kemono arts. I mainly drawing muscle gay furry . post a NSFW furry art.Patreon was designed to have creators with skill, talent, fans and something really unique to be supported but it quickly got turned around into the opposite of lazy, fanboy obsessed kinksters looking to make tons of money off lazy and unethical to bad work, to people not eve delivering on giving out rewards. Patreon has a MAJOR list of post gay furry patreon rewards barachan.As any human being I need more or less stable income to live. Despite some efforts furry fandom wasn't that golden mine as some people say. I see some ways how to sell it better but it also means to lose all fun of doing arts. Yes, I started to draw furry because it might pay well. It was an experiment. 2 year long experiment.Everything You Need to Know About Creating Rewards on Patreon June 29, 2016 Ellie MacBride Rewarding your patrons is a great way to show your fans how much they mean to you, as well as incentivize potential patrons to become your patrons. Post gay furry patreon rewards barachan.

I’m Raccoon, who draws the gay furry porn. I’m starting this Patreon page because I want to expand my spare time to draw comics I’m working on. What I’ll do on this Patreon page is: I’ll upload the homoerotic anthro pics on here(two or more pics per month).>>1273919 I understand what you're saying. My issue is with those people that say animals should have the same rights as human beings. Also, animals aren't moral agents so the law should grant protections in the sense of them being property and/or part of the environment that is in humanity's best interest to protect in conjunction with the right of an ecologically balanced environment for all.[DRKS] July 2017 Patreon Rewards [DRKS] May 2017 Patreon Rewards [DRKS] December 2017 Patreon Rewards [DRKS] April 2018 Patreon Rewards [DRKS] May 2018 Patreon Rewards [DRKS] June 2018 Patreon Rewards [DRKS] September 2017 Patreon Rewards [DRKS] November 2017 Patreon Rewards [DRKS] Bento Post gay furry patreon rewards barachan.


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