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19 Jan 2022, 15:36

Do not take this seriously this was made for fun and you might find it triggering. Some howNormally I'm not one to beg for more moneywhich to be fair, I'm not doing now either. I am just trying to push forward with something that, even to my own surprise, has kicked off quite a bit during the last few months: Thanks to a dozen Patreon supporters (two in particular), I've now reached a total of over 0 in pledges, dedicated to Vore Tournament as well as my Blender animations.Vore is a new aspect of it, and the original idea was to have Leah impregnated by one of the Project MCX insects instead. Alas, Patreon's changes necessitated a change as well but it turned out just fine. After all, Deviant-art is fine with vore but not ovipositor impregnation so posting the whole comic would've been a bit trickier.Your work continues to be legendary. You are one of my 3 favorite artists who work with the vore fetish, the other two being imaneggplant and Prywinko. I especially love the palate and facial shapes of your ladies. :3'The Summoning', a Harry Potter vore comic by H&ll, page 1. 'How It Should Have Gone', a Jurassic World vore comic by La1sara, page 1. Joining My Vore Short is super-easy! Down below you'll find a list of all our contents and where to find them. If you click 'Posts' on top (below the cover picture), you'll find all the comics available on Patreon! Platamina vore patreon.


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