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Sailing La Vagabonde - Live by Mikael, released 20 September 2016 All of the chords used when playing are bar chords. They can be played open if you like for simplicity.Breaking the mold of a conventional life by sailing, hiking and making their lives their greatest works of art. La Vagabonde Elayna and Riley are breaking just about every mold you can think of by living their dreams and pursuing a thoroughly unconventional lifestyle – sailing around the world in a yacht appropriately named La Vagabonde. The.Their Patreon page says they're currently making ,159 per video. They release a video each week, so their current annual income is 2,268 US. If you made over 0k/year, and your boat was both your home, and your livelihood, I don't think you'd have that much of a problem spending 0k-phpm on it, probably.Sailing La Vagabonde net worth, income and Youtube channel estimated earnings, Sailing La Vagabonde incomeSailing La Vagabonde. 124K likes. Welcome on board La Vagabonde! Join us as we sail the seas around the world. This is what it's like to live life on theView the daily YouTube analytics of Sailing La Vagabonde and track progress charts, view future predictions, related channels, and track realtime live sub counts.#1 Sailing channel ‘Sailing La Vagabonde’ are coming to NZ!! December 2016. YouTube sensation Riley and Elayna of ‘Sailing La Vagabonde’ have been sailing around the world for almost two.Of all the sailing vloggers out there today, of which there are many, there are but a few at the very top of the pile, Delos is one I already wrote about, and sharing first place (in my opinion of course) would be La Vagabonde.Off we go, sailing upwind for a 260nm journey to Sardinia. On top of that, a broken engine upon our arrival means we received some help upon our arrival. But this has got to be one of my favourite adventures of the year! Sailing la vagabonde patreon presale.

It Seems that you've reached your limit on how many you can favorite. If you'd like to get more favorites, please consider upgrading to a premium accountSailing La Vagabonde, a user on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our CooSailing La Vagabonde. 125K likes. Welcome on board La Vagabonde! Join us as we sail the seas around the world. This is what it's like to live life on theLaVagabonde Patreon, Twitter, Youtube - earnings, statistics, graphs, and popularity rank updated daily. Get monthly Sailing La Vagabonde ranking & statistics emailsSan Diego police say a 400-pound woman with a beard stabbed a man when he approached a group in East Village Wednesday evening. The 39-year-old victim walked up to the group standing at 300 Park Boulevard and asked for a cigarette at 7:40 p.m.+Sailing La Vagabonde . Congratulations for your shocking success ( more than 30.000 US$ per month ) … Riley , it will be very helpful to us , to let us know , about your sailing experience before buying the boat ( it was some 10 days ? With whom and where about ? ) and your first days , Sailing la Vagabonde , before meeting Elayna .Our journey started a couple of years ago when we found Riley and Elayna’s videos from Sailing La Vagabonde. They were our inspiration and we always hoped that one day we would bump into them to say hi! These guys are sailing celebs, there were so many people there at the London Boat Show 2018 to meet them it was crazy.Sailing La Vagabonde. 123K likes. Welcome on board La Vagabonde! Join us as we sail the seas around the world. This is what it's like to live life on theBut maybe of most interest, SLV is another small way to promote sailing. Some viewers will get a little closer to giving sailing a try, even if most viewers don't. YouTube is by no means the primary metric, but as for promoting sailing to a new audience - SLV has almost twice as many subscribers as sailing's supposed premier event. Sailing la vagabonde patreon presale.

From a Monohull to an Outremer …they chose a Catamaran. As they wanted to nagivate on a new boat to get more comfort and performance they selected an OUTREMER Catamaran, produced in La Grande Motte in south of France. The Outremer 45 is a boat that is made for long voyages, and ready to travel far and wide, both simply and reliably.Sailing La Vagabonde RAN Sailing..are my favourites. vagabonde are currently earning around 6K per film from patreon they are regulalrly getting half a million youtube hits per film on youtube - earning them 0 or so from adsense I agree La vagabonde is thee best on the web the momentLa Vagabond Take Two and other sailing discussion in the Seabreeze general forums, page 1. when patreon came along, it was perfect for them. "La vagabond take.Anyone here watch Sailing La Vagabonde? It makes me want to buy a boat and go sailing. by socalguy. Do you watch Sailing La Vagabonde? socalguy (41).I am a Patreon Cruising Channel (Shaun Sailing).I am nowhere near the league of these bigger Patreon Cruisers, but I can provide some insight. You definitely need to consider the monthly cap, as your income for each successive video released is roughly halved (then reset again at the beginning of the month obviously).For just 5,000 per 1/10th share, Sailing La Vagabonde Syndicate owners will enjoy more than a month a year onboard their new Outremer 45 that will be based in Manly, Brisbane with plans to cruise the East Coast of Australia and the islands of the South Pacific.We’re Riley and Elayna, an Australian couple documenting our journey traveling the world by sail despite no previous sailing experience. We’ve been filming it all on YouTube since 2014. We’ve crossed the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific, and are now raising our boy Lenny on our boat as well.Compare any YouTube Channel’s Statistics with Sailing La Vagabonde. You can now compare any YouTube channel's statistics and find out which channel is performing better. Just add a YouTube channel and get a instant analysis on YouTube video performance comparing Sailing La VagabondeSailing La Vagabonde Videos. Thanks a million to all those subscribers following our voyage and for those supporting us on Patreon! We really need the support to keep the adventure going as. Sailing la vagabonde patreon presale.

Welcome to the official merchandise store for all things "Sailing La Vagabonde". Welcome to the official merchandise store for all things "Sailing La Vagabonde".Become a patron of Sailing La Vagabonde today: Read 384 posts by Sailing La Vagabonde and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.Re: Bikini girl with patreon account goes sailing somewhere hot I watched some of these a month or so back, it's no Vagabonde, poor quality everything. I have been getting into Chase the Story, despite thinking it was clickbait, they're actually quite decent films.Welcome on board La Vagabonde! Join us as we sail the seas around the world. This is what it's like to live life on the water.Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Join over 100,000 creators earning salaries from over 2 million monthly patrons.Products We Use These are the equipment, items, and resources we find ourselves using often that we feel good about recommending to you. We get asked all the time about what "stuff" we use so why not share them here in one tidy page.Episode 57 of The Sailing Podcast is with Riley and Elayna of Sailing La Vagabonde. The story of La Vagabonde started with Riley searching for a yacht to sail singlehanded, which led to finding La Vagabonde in Italy.They're young, they're in love, and they're traveling around the world in a sailboat. In this episode meet Riley and Elayna, the traveling Aussie couple from "Sailing La Vagabonde," as we talk about their epic journey circumnavigating the globe in their sailboat.The ‘Lunch with La Vagabonde’ will open with a viewing of an Outremer 45 catamaran at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron followed by lunch, a presentation by Riley and Elayna and a Q&A session giving all guests an opportunity to interact and learn something new. Tickets are limited and available to purchase here for per person sailing la vagabonde patreon presale. Sailing la vagabonde patreon presale.

Online sailing sensations, Elayna Carausu and Riley Whitelum (a.k.a. Sailing La Vagabonde), will be flying into the UK to exclusively appear at the London Boat Show, sharing the secrets behind their fame and sailing adventures. As YouTube's most famous sailing couple, the Australian pair have racked up a global audience of over 350,000 subscribers.La Vagabonde may refer to: . The Vagabond, a 1910 novel by the French writer Colette; La Vagabonde (trail), a cycling route (Route Verte) in Quebec See also. Le Vagabond or The Littlest Hobo, a Canadian film and television seriesThe latest Tweets from Vagabond Sailing (@VagabondSailing). Vagabond Sailing is the first online community to connect people through hands-on sailing adventures!Australian sailors Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu are known around the world, thanks to their social media accounts and YouTube channel, Sailing La Vagabonde, in which they document their experiences afloat—at the same time using the power of crowdfunding to help cover their costs. They.Sailing La Vagabonde – Two Aussies – One Boat, Big Adventure! Published on October 2, 2016 October 3, 2016 by Jan Mendoza Meet Riley and Elayna from Australia.Riley grew up in the small country town of Cowell sailing la vagabonde patreon presale. He loved to play football and enjoyed camping and fishing trips. He loved being outdoors and in fact slept on a swag for a year when he was 25 which has turned out to be good preparation for sleeping on yachts! Sailing la vagabonde patreon presale.


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