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22 Sep 2021, 18:29

Hi there! So, after many recommendation, I finally decided to make a Patreon. Then who the heck am I, for those who doesn't know me? Well, I'm mostly known as SweGabe or simply Gabe, used to be a illustrator before I stumbled upon my idea to create the character Queen Opala, and then expanded that into a whole game series, simply called Legend of Queen Opala!Legend of Queen Opala - Golden Edition.rar Torrent Download Locations Click the yellow " Download " button on the right to download the .torrent files directly from the indexed sites. If there is no "download" button, click the torrent name to view torrent source pages and download there.Man, I remember Legend of Queen Opala. That was back before everyone and their dog was doing an adult RPG Maker game, when you could still ask friends on the foundry for free art and when stuff actually got finished instead of dragged on forever to maximize Patreon profits.I just wanted to ask people what their Opinion would be on the Legend of Queen Opala game series and what you think about what the patreon money goes into by the developer. I´ll be honest and say that my view on the games is that they are meh and i honestly drop my jaw to the floor when i see what some of that patreon money went into.Legend of Queen Opala II - Golden Edition Published January 5, 2015 Taking place shortly after the events of LoQO, take on the role of Kai, a man who tries to live a normal life in the Kingdom of Namaria, but as fate has it, his life is about to change as he come across a young woman, hunted by unknown soldiers.A fanart of Queen Opala, the character is property of Swegabe, from The Legend of The Queen Opala. I wanted to draw this one for a long time and finally it's doneLegend of Queen Opala Doujinshi and Comics: we have 84+ exclusive comics pictures! Legend of Queen Opala Comics Pictures - Doujinshi and Comics Toggle navigation Comics EmpireLegend Of Queen Opala. 288 likes. Legend Of Queen OpalaHey there! Per a rule update across the boards a few months ago, Paid Projects are required to have an up-front offer for compensation; IE you can still offer to further negotiate with talent, but you MUST provide some sort of actual, tangible number as a base offer so that people have an idea of what the project will pay & can decide if they want to audition. Patreon legend of queen opala zip.


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