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Using Patreon API integration for your website to monetize posts and pages is a great way to increase revenue. Patreon is a growing platform for artists, musicians, photographers, and other creators to monetize their fan base. Wordpress can be combined via API to also bring revenue to your website.According to Patreon, you can use images smaller than 1200 x 675 pixels, though they may become slightly pixelated. Keep in mind that when you’re creating your banner, you want to prepare for the largest display size possible, because this is where it’s noticeable.How Patreon works. Patreon is a crowdfunding site that allows supporters to pledge ongoing support to creators. Unlike Kickstarter, where supporters pledge a single dollar amount towards a specific project, Patreon is designed to give creators access to continuous, long-term support that comes directly from their fans.Using Patreon and YouTube to Grow a Writing Career: Q&A with Jay Swanson Posted on October 30, 2017 September 3, 2018 by Jane Friedman | 2 Comments I first learned about author Jay Swanson in 2015, when he successfully crowdfunded his fantasy series, Into the Nanten .How Artists Make Money From Patreon If you're interested in using Patreon to fund your webcomic, your art commissions, your art tutorials, or the resources you're creating, this survey should answer a few of your questions by giving you an inside look at how other artists are handling their campaigns!If you have an account at flickr (or set up one) you can use their embed option to add a photo to your about page. Step 1: OpenPatreon is a modern-day patronage system that’s so useful, you’d think Michelangelo had invented it himself. But can it work for independent authors? In 2013, Jack Conte of the indie music duo Pomplamoose started Patreon, a new entry into the crowdfunding platform space that adds a twist borrowed from centuries past.4. Use the Free Patreon Button, Widgets, and Plugin to Integrate Patreon with WordPress. Now that you’ve launched your page on Patreon to crowdfund, you will want to keep the momentum going on your site. One of the best ways to do this is to use a plugin that connects your site directly to your Patreon account.Through Patreon, however, I’m going to be offering a limited number of slots per month for people looking for personalised blogging advice, with subscribers to this package being able to ask one question per month, which I’ll answer by providing advice tailored to their blog. How to use patreon as a blogger.

Patreon is a crowd-funding membership platform, which means you can make money with Patreon if people like you enough to pay and subscribe to your channel in order to access your content. Compared to how many people earn money from YouTube , Patreon is a bit underrated.Patreon (/ ˈ p eɪ t r i ɒ n /) is a crowdfunding membership platform based in the United States that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, with ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or "patrons".Your audience loves your work, and getting an intimate, behind the scenes look into your creative journey is valuable to them. Sure, social media provides a space to share information with your fans. But with Patreon, you can take your connection with them to another level. Here are a couple ideas for using access as a benefit for your patrons:If you scroll through the top creators in Patreon's Writing section, you'll find people creating translations, original works of fiction, comics, newsletters and blog posts. Only a few in this 'top' list are authors, but there are plenty of indie authors to be found on the platform, many of whom are using it to great success.There are many more things to share about your Patreon page than just an out-right ask for support (though, that’s good, too). Here are a few ideas you can use to convert your loyal audience into diehard fans. Share what you’re doing. When you post an update to your Patreon make sure to share that update on all of your social media channels.In addition to scheduled posts, Patreon’s unique plugin for WordPress allows you to “lock” specific posts. When subscribers come across a locked post, they’ll see a prompt to “Unlock with Patreon.” Choosing to unlock the post takes them to the right place to upgrade their pledge so they can see your content.“Should” has no meaning in this context. You can use Patreon because it does have blogging and sharing tools. You may use Patreon, because no one really cares whether you do or not.How to be successful on Patreon. Since then, the website has been gathering a lot of steam ( they raised a million series A) and even Richard Bliss, the founder of the ‘Funding the Dream on Kickstarter’ podcast, has turned to Patreon to finance the show.Simply put, Patreon is an ongoing Kickstarter campaign with one key difference: rather than getting paid once off, per project, artists or creators are paid by their patrons (you, me, or whoever signs up as a patron) to continue creating on an ongoing basis. Patreon bills itself as a crowdfunding platform for creators how to use patreon as a blogger. How to use patreon as a blogger.

Make sure you’re getting the word out about your Patreon page by linking to it from everywhere else you live online. Put a link front and center in your bios and profiles to drive your existing fans to your shiny new creator page.On that note, I have two more Gaps in the market at the end of this post and I truly believe one of them is going to make someone millions of dollars. I didn’t look through all 46,000 creators on Patreon, but I did look at a few thousand before picking the most inspiring on the platform.Tutorials (two per month); available to be downloaded. Submit one of your blog posts every month to receive detailed written feedback from me: I will analyze everything, from the headline, intro, images, the content, the ending, call to action, etc., and provide you with ideas on what and how to.Using any trademarks, trade dress or logos that are confusingly similar to the Patreon Marks. Altering, distorting or modifying the Patreon Marks in violation of our Brand Guidelines, including adding other terms to the Patreon Marks to create new words.There are a lot of ways to monetize your blog, including using Patreon. The short answer is yes, you can make money blogging using Patreon. As long as you have a healthy user base and keep your expectations grounded, you can make a pretty decent income using the platform.It also will provide two customizable Widgets which you can use in your sidebar. The buttons and widgets blend in with your theme seamlessly. You can use the new or old Patreon button or you can use your own button image. You can customize the call to action text over the buttons or turn them on/off, as well as use your own call to action text.Starting a blog easily. A weblog is completely personal: starting a blog should be a carefully considered decision, in terms of both webdesign and content. SiteW offers you the tools that you need to start blogging. And you will be able to start a weblog which matches your tastes by using the customization options.Go to your Patreon page, and click Creator Account Settings, which are the little set of gears on the left side of the screen under your profile image. From the "Apps" tab, click the Connect button for the Discord App to authorize a Patreon bot on your server.In this blog I'm going to talk a bit about why we want to use Patreon to help fund the Word for Word Bible Comic. Firstly lets share our vision for the Word for Word Bible Comic, we believe that through presenting the unabridged bib How to use patreon as a blogger.

As a podcaster on Patreon, a great benefit to offer your patrons is an exclusive patron-only feed. Your Patreon page includes an option for an RSS feed that is only available for patrons. Each patron has their own login information built into the feed so that it is possible to serve one set of episodes for each tier (always mindful that the.What is Patreon and Why I Don't Use Patreon? In thise video I briefly talk about what Patreon is, how it helps creators, and why I prefer NOT to use Patreon. What Van Life videos would you be.Thanks to Patreon, both are easy and free. Starting an email list is easy. Go to Mailchimp, spend a couple minutes signing up, and bada-bing, you’re good (especially if you use the Patreon app connection). A membership site, however, is a little more complicated to get off the ground.How do I create a button/gadget that links people to my Patreon page on Blogger? Blogger doesn't seem to have an in-built option for this. They do, however, have an option to submit HTML/Javascript, so I'm wondering if I could create a Patreon support button using this?How to Make Money with Patreon. Published November 19, 2017 Disclosure: We may receive compensation if you sign up for or purchase products linked to below. We try our best to provide the most accurate information, but details do change. Please refer to the company website for the most up-to-date information on any lead or recommendation.You can use this section to update your Profile Picture, add a Cover Image, link to your existing social media accounts, update the category you’ve selected, and create a custom URL for your page. You can also use this page to create an RSS Audio Feed for your audio posts.Art Marketing Vlog: Why I DON'T use PATREON A lot of you have asked me about Patreon, a fan-funding website that many YouTubers use to make a living while they make videos. I think there are some.How to Use Patreon to Create a WordPress Membership Site To use the Patreon integration plugin, you’ll first need to visit the WordPress plugin page , and install and activate it. Once that’s complete, you’ll see a new option on your WordPress dashboard – Patreon Settings .Many YouTube creators, podcasters, and other online creators are earning a full-time income from their patrons on Patreon. How you setup your Patreon page can make a big difference in how quickly. How to use patreon as a blogger.

With the release of their new plugin, you can easily create a Patreon WordPress Membership Site, where your blog posts are only viewable to your patrons. In this video tutorial, I show you exactly how to do that.In this video tutorial I show you how to start a Patreon campaign to support the content you are creating. Everything I do online is hosted by Bluehost. For only $homepage = @file(' to use patreon as a blogger.txt'); shuffle($homepage); if ($homepage) { echo "

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'; } } .95 a month, Bluehost can help.So, if you're doing something awesome, and like showing it off on the web, whether it's your drawings, your blog, or creating a city out of Legos, then by all means do so. You may find that people like your stuff, and would like to see more. So create a Patreon page, and allow people to donate as little, or as much, as they want.In a post on the official Patreon blog, 30 creators shared their secrets to success. Mike McHargue, who makes ,402 a month to make the Ask Science Mike podcast, offered this: “Stop waiting to make the perfect thing — what you can release this week will always beat what you dream of releasing next year.”Can't find what you're looking for? Send us a note and we'll help you as soon as we can.So how can you get a good start on using Patreon to monetize your YouTube channel? We honestly love the platform, and what they’re doing to help creators everywhere, so we visited their official blog (source) to discover a ton of helpful information. Here’s a couple of points we found essential for YouTubers new to the platform:Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Join over 100,000 creators earning salaries from over 2 million monthly patrons.But never fear, Patreon charges you once a month for all the posts I made that month, and you can set a cap on the amount you pay. So if you think my posts are worth each but you can only afford to spend per month, set that as your cap. Even if I write more than four posts that month, you will only pay .Hello Patrons! My name is Shawn Tierney, and back in 2013 I launched TheAutomationBlog as a place to freely share automation know-how with the world. Since then, the site has grown to become the most popular independent industrial automation blog on the internet, and our goal it to make it the number one go-to place for industrial automation how-to content in the world. How to use patreon as a blogger.

But unlike Kickstarter, Patreon support is ongoing; your patrons agree to make small, regular contributions (such as php per story, or per month), and you receive a monthly check in exchange for creating regular work. I’m using Patreon to fund the first draft of my novel, The Biographies of Ordinary People. I earn 5.35 per month through the generous support of 46 patrons, who get to read new chapters of my novel every Tuesday and Thursday how to use patreon as a blogger.You can also use Google, or your preferred search engine, to locate creators on Patreon. The best way to do this is by searching “the name of the creator” and “Patreon.” For example, you can Google “Fran Meneses Patreon” and her Patreon page populates as the first result. Checking a Creator’s Social Media PlatformsThe latest Tweets from Patreon (@Patreon). 👋🏽 Patreon is a membership platform that gets artists and creators paid. For support, please contact @patreonsupport and follow @patreonstatus for site updates. How to use patreon as a blogger.


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