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This is completely dedicated to YouTuber Darksydephil. Anything and everything DSP. Whether it be favorite playthroughs, news, general discussion, or funny DSP themed pics. This Community no longer extends to the traitors, and detractors: Panda Lee, John Rambo, Howard, and any other of the former friends of our glorious leader.DSPDiscussion is a subreddit centered around the internet-famous Darksydephil (or DSPGaming/KOGaming), and to a lesser extent the people who surround him.10 nov. 2016- Découvrez le tableau « Musicien ⎟Brendan MacLean » de gay_pop auquel 373 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Barbu, Camille et Cheveux.Thank you to all who have supported us and believed! It means so much. Mexico is still a long ways away but you are in our hearts. This video is for Junho Kang, Iguana's Uncle's husband. Thank you.How to choose a crowdfunding platform. Singer Brendan Maclean raised K for an album. Patreon works best for individuals or groups who already have legions of fans. If you’re an unknown.The first of a regular series profiling women in rock, indie and pop, we look at Amanda F***ing Palmer and what makes her so cool.Patreon is a US site, so it works with US dollars. You'll be charged in US$ so an odd amount will come out of your account each month. We've set our pledges at approximate conversions of what we need in order to make our work happen. Contact us if anything is unclear.The first event on October 24 at The Factory will be hosted by Maeve Marsden (backed by the Lady Sings it Better band) and features Brendan Maclean, Jordan Raskopoulos, Marcus Whale, Benhur Helwend and Sports Bra. Follow the Queerstories Facebook page for event updates.pageant - practically wasted, brendan maclean (brendan maclean’s music videos are always incredible but the one for practially wasted is i n c r e d i b l e) oh boy - songs i can’t listen to, neon trees (honestly such a jam) new trick - grinding my teeth, TANKINI (slightly more rough around the edges but full of passion and pomp) Brendan maclean patreon darksydephil.

Zoë Keating & Lyndon Chester] by Neil Gaiman Nighty Night by 8in8 Ukulele Anthem by Amanda Palmer Do You Swear To Tell The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass by Amanda Palmer Who Killed Amanda Palmer by Amanda Palmer Who Killed Amanda Palmer [Alternate Tracks] by Amanda Palmer A Is For Accident by The.A woman has bigger plans for the construction worker whose turtle she agrees to buy. Official Selection 52nd New York Film Festival Awarded Grand Jury Prizes at Atlanta Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival and Best Asian Short of the Year at the 21st annual Hong Kong short film and video awards, audience prize brendan maclean patreon darksydephil.Brendan Maclean is a queer Australian songwriter. With a blend of bops, rock anthems and pop ballads he has become easily one of the most beloved songwriters of his generation. House of Air and Never Enough along with older tracks like Beat Me To It and Stupid present a truly iconic songwriter at his best brendan maclean patreon darksydephil."Truly putting the ‘N’ in ‘NSFW’..with Brendan MacLean’s ‘House Of Air’ video, it felt really refreshing to see that queer art can still be subversive, provocative and… yeah, a little bit gross, to be honest." - HuffPost (No. 6, Best music videos of 2017) "One of the smartest, most compelling videos I’ve seen in years."Amanda Palmer wrote "Drowning in the Sound" in a record amount of time, basing the song on the comments from her Patreon followers, who were sharing concern about Hurricane Harvey and disconnectedness.The track was released via Palmer’s patreon, that has over 8,000 supporters micro-funding all of Palmer’s projects. On the Door by Amanda Palmer & Brendan Maclean Tags"A king of pop in the making." - The Guardian UK "Like a modern day Mick Jagger" - Baz Luhrmann "Fucking amazing." - Amanda Palmer. Sydney. 35 Tracks. 1751 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Brendan Maclean on your desktop or mobile device.neil gaiman is tricky and weird. i’d been thinking about doing more animation projects for the patreon, and i thought this might be the perfect one to try, given how visual the subject was. i want to remind you that this is where your patron money goes….to pay this whole, huge team of animators, artists, filmmakers, musicians and engineers. read more about the process on my patreon.Thought I'd Cry For You Forever by Brendan Maclean, released 15 May 2015 1. The Feeling Again (Featuring Sarah Belkner) 2. Only Boyfriend 3. Wifi (Featuring Neil Gaiman) 4. Brendan maclean patreon darksydephil.

he's actually getting almost 1.3k a month doing the same shit as before wtf. the population of retards with no care for money in this world is much easier to find than i thoughtStupid by Brendan Maclean, to be the lead single off his upcoming release, performed at The Newsagency 8-12-12 Lyrics: If you weren't so stupid, I could have loved youJOIN THE PATREON FOR AS LITTLE AS php/MONTH TO ACCESS EXCLUSIVE PATRON-ONLY MERCH. Amanda Palmer & Brendan Maclean - On The Door - Digital Download. $ 0.00. Amanda.This is the channel of Brendan Maclean. A cute lil bit of live footage at Chapel Off Chapel. I look like a disco ball. Good. Camp. Gamp!It was basically good. The interface was kind of gross though, I hate the non click-able buttons, and you should make it so if you press another sound the first one stops.The discography of American singer, songwriter, and author Amanda Palmer consists of three solo studio albums, two collaborative studio albums, five extended plays, five live albums, two remix albums, two demo albums, forty-one music videos, thirty-two singles, and twenty promotional singles.Andrew Nielson Videos, including Once: The Musical. Read more Join Eustace and Laurie Brockovich, the world's leading experts on absolutely nothing, as they share the newest, hottest products that are sure to change your life.Laura (Bat for Lashes cover) by Amanda Palmer and Brendan Maclean, released 22 June 2016 Lyrics: You say that they've all left you behind Your heart broke when the party died Drape your arms around me and softly say Can we dance upon the tables again?Amanda Palmer and Australian singer-songwriter Brendan Maclean, along with producer Paul Mac (founding member of Silverchair), just dropped a surprise comedy dance track addressing the “frustrations of the day-of-show guestlist” featuring a slew of voicemail-leaving, guestlist-needing friends including Ben Folds, Craig Ferguson, Eugene Mirman, Kirsten Vangsness, Mike Posner, Palmer’s. Brendan maclean patreon darksydephil.

AHEM. DEAR EVERYBODY. this is one of my most ridiculous Things to date. in terms of pure tongue-in-cheek dance-mania absurdity, it’s up there with “map of tasmania”, my last humorous attempt at making you laugh with a dance track….and i hope you enjoy the eff out of it. it’s a collaboration with australian singer-songwriter-trax-master brendan maclean and australian producer paul mac.Amanda Palmer and Brendan Maclean - Laura (Bat for Lashes cover)Become a patron of Brendan today: Read 74 posts by Brendan and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. Brendan is creating Music | Patreondarksydephil Patreon, Twitter, Youtube - earnings, statistics, graphs, and popularity rank updated dailyBy supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you.For php per “creation,” fans can subscribe to Brendan Maclean, and they’ll get access to songs, videos, even a live EP made exclusively for Patreon patrons. “No one will get more stuff than anyone else,” he explains in his profile statement, “everyone will just get more music. It’s artistic communism at its best!”DarksydePhil dspgaming, (Phillip Burnell), AKA the self-proclaimed "King of Hate" is the living embodiment of everything wrong with todays' gaming in video format and the arch-enemy of /v/ as well as a professional David Brent look-a-like.Stream Tracks and Playlists from Amanda Palmer on your desktop or mobile device. three years was funded by over 14,000 people on patreon. people there support.The latest Tweets from Dark Syde Phil (@darksydephil). Dark Syde Phil Brendan maclean patreon darksydephil.

Amanda Palmer and Brendan Maclean – “Laura” — AN OFFICIAL PATRON-SUPPORTED RELEASE, JUNE 22, 2016 — Dearly Beloved…. Here I am again, thing in hand….and this one is quite personal and beautiful.The official website of Amanda Fucking Palmer. Yes it is.Patreon Things – 2. this page contains ALL THE THINGS funded and fueled by my patrons since i started using patreon in march of 2015. join the community and help us make more art…it’s an amazing group and WE. ARE. THE. MEDIA.50+ videos Play all Mix - Amanda Palmer and Brendan Maclean - Laura (Bat for Lashes cover) YouTube AMANDA PALMER - JUDY BLUME - Duration: 7:34. Amanda Palmer 155,736 viewsBrendan Maclean. Sydney, Australia. “A king of pop.” The Guardian UK Brendan Maclean is a queer Australian songwriter. With a blend of bops, rock anthems and pop ballads he has become easily one of the most beloved songwriters of his generation. Brendan maclean patreon darksydephil.


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