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Narcissa Wright held numerous world records for Zelda speedrunning. Ms. Wright has been extremely active in the speedrunning community, co-founding SpeedRunsLive with Daniel “Jiano” Hart. She maintains an active Patreon in addition to regularly streaming on Twitch.Easily the most nervous I’ve been for any interview in my life, this week Narcissa stopped in and we walk through her entire career in speedrunning. We also talk about the upcoming documentary about her journey, Break the Game .Best Episodes of Beyond the Filter. 1) Beyond The Filter 20 - Youtube Punditry and Trans Politics with ContraPoints aka Natalie Parrott 2) Beyond The Filter 18 - The World of Twin Peaks with Joel Bocko 3) Beyond The Filter 17 - Doom is An Art Scene with Andrew Stine (aka Linguiça)I know it is not the end of the world but these records are important for D2 speedrunning in general IMO and I think we should ask Speedrun administration to restore them despite the lack of account behind it. I think Narcissa Wright's Ocarina of Time times are on Speedrun despite the lack of account behind them.Search query Search Twitter. Saved searches. Remove; In this conversationGreat for hearing about the weird spots of the internet. By CarryOnMate - Aug 20 2018. Read moreStraight from the Source: Narcissa Wright. Zelda: What led you to speedrun Zelda in particular? Ocarina of Time felt magical as a kid, so there was nostalgia with the.Explicit #140 - Narcissa Wright, Gaming Speedrunner . From: The Inciting Incident Podcast by Marissa Alexa McCoolhighly-established videogame speedrunner Narcissa Wright joins me to talk what speedrunning is, her long history as a speedrunner and a staple of that community as an extremely popular Twitch streamer of Zelda (and other games) and co-founder of the website Speed Runs Live. Narcissa wright patreon.

narcissa wright ‏ Verified account @narcissawright 21 Nov 2016 Follow Follow @ narcissawright Following Following @ narcissawright Unfollow Unfollow @ narcissawright Blocked Blocked @ narcissawright Unblock Unblock @ narcissawright Pending Pending follow request from @ narcissawright Cancel Cancel your follow request to @ narcissawrightBecome a patron of Narcissa Wright today: Read 5 posts by Narcissa Wright and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. Narcissa Wright is creating a path forwards | PatreonMy thoughts on Narcissa Wright. Probably an unpopular opinion, but oh boy, here goes nothin'. So, there used to be this speed-runner, who went by the handle of CosmoWright."I am the universe experiencing itself" First heard this one from Bill Hicks. Not an original thought narcissa wright patreon. Anyway, I feel like these speeches are Narcissa's way of wrestling with her boring personality and average intelligence.This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.Phil, I suggest you make a Patreon perk allowing said patron to moderate your Youtube comments. Since you have your forum and stream mods already in place, there is obviously no need to change that, but I think this could possibly be a great idea.Narcissa Stares lifelessly into the abyss and attacks remnants of his hair with scissors. NarcissaWright playing . Amouranth's top patreon donator.puppy love under a rainbow by 4lung, released 25 january 2017 1. puppy love under a rainbow (p.l.u.r.) 2. le petit cassurecoeur 3. distracted by an urgent phone call, four jillian lung suffers a concussion 4.Our new Indie Games subforum is now open for business in G&T. Go and check it out, you might land a code for a free game. If you're developing an indie game and want to post about it, follow these directions. Narcissa wright patreon.

Narcissa ‏ @narcissawright · 2m 2 minutes ago Nnnn someone DMd me saying they wish i never transitioned and should consider going back, so i think my rant had opposite of intended affect 5 replies 1 retweet 2 likesEven Amazon’s Transparent, despite it’s problematic aspects, is important. People such as the Wachowskis, Chelsea Manning, Narcissa Wright, Kolorblind, ContraPoints being openly transgender are all important. They’re the people who helped convince me to come out, and encourage me to make myself visible in whatever way I can simply by.“04 20 2012 12 17 19 Ocarina of Time any% in 22 09.” YouTube, uploaded by Narcissa Wright on February 11, 2017. Screenshot, 13:20 [This essay was funded through Patreon under the ZEAL project.Hey guys WELCOME! my channel is based on Video Game Reviews, Movie Reviews, VLOGS & I do try to enjoy life as much as I can!, and I hope to produce the best.Breath of the Wild is a game that will live long in the memory of Zelda fans all across the world. The game environment is the biggest of any Zelda title has to offer to date, with a vast map that gives you freedom like never before to explore Hyrule.Narcissa Wright is one of the people who made speedrunning what it is today, famous for her work with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, co-founding SpeedRunsLive, and accumulating tens of millions of views on her Twitch channel.The backers of this patreon are scum, and are enabling this shit to continue. please fucking stop. Cosmo is honestly so fucking delusional, entitled, and consumed by vanity.its making me sick. "Selling selfies" is worse than panhandling.which he should be doing instead.if you're enjoying this series and you would like to support me, you can do so via patreon. patreon/narcissawrightCan You Use One-Hit KO Moves, Transform and MORE on Dynamax Pokemon? - Sword and Shield - Duration: 11:08. PokeTips 412,499 views. New Narcissa wright patreon.

A formerly respectful Speedrunner that (after her Transition) now became a SJW that does nothing but sing dreadfully and waste her Time begging for PatreonSearch query Search Twitter. Saved searches. Remove; In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @ Suggested users Verified account Protected Tweets @Didn't do much in this one, just kinda running around, and also trying my hand at doubles. Also I lost the other background image when I closed photoshop, whoops/.Are you a patron of Narcissa Wright. earnings are calculated solely by Graphtreon. No actual earnings data for such creators is provided or endorsed by Patreon.Narcissa Wright - A Kiwi Farms page dedicated to the speedrunner. grindmonk - Narcissa's Reddit page. Hangs out at SamandTolki to beg for money and telling people (giving Narcissa advice) to fuck off. BALEETED!! narcissawright - Narcissa's Twitter page narcissa wright patreon. Protected due to mental problems. narcissawright - Narcissa's Patreon page. Currently making.This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.The Kiwi Farms is about eccentric individuals and communities on the Internet. We call them lolcows because they can be milked for amusement or laughs. Our community is bizarrely diverse and spectators are encouraged to join the discussion. We do not place intrusive ads, host malware, sell data, or run crypto miners with your browser.This page was last edited on 15 November 2019, at 00:02. All structured data from the main, Property, Lexeme, and EntitySchema namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; text in the other namespaces is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.Show Info: Learn more about the awesome people behind the speedruns with the My Insane Pace Podcast. Join host ALTInsider as he interviews the most interesting personalities in speedrunning today. Narcissa wright patreon.

Octobird Members. View Profile See their activity. Content Count 17 Joined July 25, 2016; Last visited June 19, 2017; Community Reputation 9 Neutral. 1 Follower About.The latest Tweets from Jack Proboscis-Dick (@Dicc_Girl). Currently turning into my dad and a woman so I guess that makes my dad trans congrats Dad. Los Angeles, CANarcissa was still getting over 0 a month on Patreon not too long ago. That is a statement about how indestructible a brand can be. Despite everything, all her hard work to destroy it, and that she's been Narcissa longer than she ever was Cosmo, her past still carries weight, respect, and lots of nostalgia with many people.(Quote) Narcissa Wright is a good example of that. i dont even mind like, adversarial comedy? but this whole thing was a sticking point of dave's prior to the two specials. like his festival/stage appearances have been about calling trans people guys in dresses or shitting on laverne cox as a whole segment of his act as well as saying something to the effect of "if trans people were murdered.Narcissa Wright, a long-time speedrunner noted for completing one of the most famous Ocarina of Time runs in less than 20 minutes, is the subject of an upcoming documentary centered around her story and the gaming community as a whole.narcissa wright ‏ Verified account @narcissawright 29 Sep 2016 Follow Follow @ narcissawright Following Following @ narcissawright Unfollow Unfollow @ narcissawright Blocked Blocked @ narcissawright Unblock Unblock @ narcissawright Pending Pending follow request from @ narcissawright Cancel Cancel your follow request to @ narcissawrightCongratulations on another amazing video, Narcissa! While the other degenerate Youtubers discussed in this sub continue to take the easy route (top 5s, reaction videos, pandering to incels), you are actively pushing the boundaries of what is content, and in the process, providing inspiration to the millions of young people struggling with identity issues.register a sa forums account here! joining the sa forums will remove this big ad, the annoying underlined ads, and stupid interstitial ads!!! Narcissa wright patreon.


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