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So if you're interested in supporting this comic with a small monthly donation, please check out my Patreon! - I'll be at Newcon PDX in Portland next month. Find me in Artist Alley and doing panels all weekend. - Make sure to check out the Modest Medusa Holiday Sale! I have great deals on Modest Medusa books, stickers, coloring books and more!Critiqued has set up a Patreon as he has had all his Youtube revenue removed for bad-think. I feel his patriotism is worth a few monthly Euro. I feel his patriotism is worth a few monthly Euro. As we know, one of the tactics employed in shutting down the anti-globalist agenda is to shut off the cash flow that allows people to be independent of.Modest Medusa, comics and stuff! Here’s my contribution to #Korrasamiweddingday. This took forever, but was a lot of fun! I had several more scenes in mind.Right now my Patreon is at about 0/month (before taxes, which is what I live on) modest medusa patreon hacked. My upcoming goals are a monthly original art giveaway (unlocked at 00), new monthly updates of my Legend of Korra fan comic (unlocked at 00) and a new ongoing Modest Medusa side-comic, updated monthly for Patreon patrons only (unlocked at 00).- Medusa has AAC Bypass "Depends What AAC Version Server has on!". - Medusa was made by the same Developer who made Zyklurs , Medusa runs better and it's more optimized then Zyklurs! - If you have shit PC's like mines, you can turn off the blur background on the Hud's options.Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!Patrick Lowinger is a historian and freelance writer. Patrick possesses an MA in ancient history from American Military University, a PgDip in Archaeology from the University of Leicester and a B.S. in microbiology from CSU-Long Beach.Crowdfunding Website Patreon Hacked. October 1, 2015 Samburaj Das Breaches, Cybersecurity. Patreon, an internet patronage website that helps finance creative professionals with recurring payments.Patreon Hacked, Gigabytes Of Data And Code Leaked. John Biggs 4 years Maker-funding site Patreon was hacked last week resulting in the dump of gigabytes of code and user data. Modest medusa patreon hacked.

Crowdfunding Website Patreon Hacked. Read more. Hacked is a part of Hawkfish AS, Norway. Sister site: CCN Markets.Patreon hacked, anonymous patrons exposed. A massive 15GB data dump of user data is now open for the Internet to see. Artist crowdfunding service Patreon has experienced a catastrophic data breach leading to the theft and leak of user data online.Modest Medusa 983. Read Modest Medusa here! Support Modest Medusa on Patreon! Tip Modest Medusa on Ko-fi! - I’m super excited to say that the digital version of Mermaid Hunters is now FINALLY available for sale! This is a brand new starter set for The Magical and of Yeld RPG, designed to get brand new players into the game.Modest Medusa follows the misadventures of a gorgon child called Medusa from the magical kingdom of Yeld. She arrives in the human world one fine Christmas Eve. Jake discovers her hiding in the closet of his house. After discovering that she cannot return home, Jake and his niece Marah treat her as their daughter.cute he says she still pissed. like what he just did will blow over. She wants your head on a stick dude. she thinks you just killed the love of her life.Modest is 5 years old. Her mom is a giant snake. She comes from a magical land. Now she lives with Jake.The latest Tweets from Jake Richmond (@ModestMedusa). I make a silly comic about a guy who lives with a Medusa. They don't get along. PortlandModest Formal Dress Guide: How to find Modest Formal Dresses & How to Alter An Immodest Dress Whether its for Homecoming, Prom, a pageant, awards ceremony, work party, holiday party, bridesmaid dress, gala, or anniversary date night,…Abi Grey. 79 likes · 12 talking about this. Art page for Abi Grey. Modest Medusa. Artist. here's a friendly reminder that I have a Patreon. Modest medusa patreon hacked.

An image by Jake Richmond, creator of the webcomic Modest Medusa. He also makes a work based on Avatar: The Last Airbender follow up The Legend of Korra, Asami Loves Korra. This image is obviously inspired by the latter. As always, Dark Reflections reaches that edge that Exiern stops at … and then steps over and keeps on going.I've been using Discord to chat with supporters of the Modest Medusa Patreon for about a year, and I'd like to extent that to everyone who is interested. Its just a place to chat, but if you feel like talking to other people who also read Modest Medusa please stop by. Here's the link.!- I'm doing a livedraw today from 3-6pm on my Picarto page.Thats almost right now! - Hi everyone. This month I’m trying really hard to boost my Patreon.For those of you who don’t know, Patreon is a platform that allows the people who enjoy Modest Medusa and my other comics to give me financial support (if they are so inclined) and get rewards.Sweet Dreams is now available on Patreon!! And to celebrate the cover is also up in the Extras section that can be downloaded as a wallpaper. Now with Sweet Dreams completed I’ll be able to return to updating Evon more regularly and to really get moving on the additional wallpapers for everyone 🙂Support Modest Medusa! Help Jake make comics! ©2011-2019 Jake Richmond | Layout by jaPoshi | Powered by.Pokemon Natures help [has to do with pokesav] Discussion in ' NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations ' started by SilentRight , Mar 19, 2010 . by SilentRight Mar 19, 2010 at 8:51 AM 4,293 Views 0 LikesModest Medusa and friends! Read Modest Medusa here! Support Modest Medusa on Patreon! Tip Modest Medusa on Ko-fi! Reblogged 1 month ago from jake-richmond.Modest Medusa Season 1 will collect the first 100 strips from the webcomic. The book will be printed in full color by a trusted printer I've used for past projects. I've also taken the time to redraw and color several panels to make sure that this version of Modest Medusa is the best looking ever!– I really enjoy drawing Korra’s parents. – If you like this comic please consider becoming a patron on Patreon. I really enjoy making these Korrasami comics, but the sad fact is that I just can’t afford to take the[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry Modest medusa patreon hacked.

Modest Medusa Season 2 book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From the back: Jake has been kidnapped by a giant snake, and.Please if you need to talk, vent, have any questions please send me a private message, leave a comment, add me on skype or send me an email. I am always here to listen and help anyway I can.To help him replace it, we quickly prepared this bargain-priced offer with the Yeld rulebook and supplements, three Modest Medusa comics collections, and several of Jake's RPGs from past Bundle offers. The Magical Land of Yeld core rulebook and its expansion Towns & Territories, plus the Friend's Guide & Coloring Book with just the rules for.Epilogue, part 3. Jake Richmond on Jan. 19, 2014 - I’m launching a Patreon page today. I been thinking about Patreon since I was in the hospital last month and I think this is the right direction for both myself and Modest Medusa.Read Modest Medusa here! Support Modest Medusa on Patreon! Tip Modest Medusa on Ko-fi! Happy Monday everyone! I’m super exited to announce that this Weds (Oct 16th) we’ll be launching a Kickstarter for a set of Modest Medusa miniatures! We’ll be offering two main products. A Modest Medusa miniature for and a set of 5 miniatures for .Story. You can play as either Evan or Eve, a fresh and plucky First Class Union Frontiersman straight out of the Union Academy. Your assignment is a town on the edge of the Frontier called Cloverton, a modest town with a farm in desperate need of a professional touch.Patreon hack? So I got 25 random mailing list subscription emails all at the same time and then at the end an email from Patreon saying "Here's your confirmation for" when I haven't even been on Patreon in months and definitely have no clue who this person is and yet it says I just pledged to him.Will Modest Medusa and Ghost Kiss still be free to read? Yes! Everyone will always be able to read my comics for free on my site (and a whole bunch of other places on the internet) modest medusa patreon hacked. Milestone Goals: Your Patreon support has already unlocked a bunch of Milestone Goals, like monthly live draw streams and a semi regular "Ask Modest Medusa" feature.This year he commited and I couldn’t be more pleased. Jake’s a fantastic artist and game designer which should provide some awesome comic reading, (gotta catch up on my Modest Medusa!) as well as having a chance to get into his RPG game he is going to run at Raincon, The Magical Land of Yeld. I can’t wait! <3 Modest medusa patreon hacked.

TL;DR, Patreon got hacked. We reported a specific Remote Code Execution to them due to a public debugger before they were breached. We believe this was the attack method due to the simplicity and availability of the vulnerable endpoint. This is how you prevent this from happening to you.– Ghost Kiss episode 6 will update Mon-Friday for the next 3 weeks. A lot of you have asked me why Ghost kiss doesn’t update more often. I really appreciate the interest, and the answer is that I just don’t have a lot of time to work on this comic.As some of you may already know, Jake Richmond is the creator of the webcomic Modest Medusa. You may also know him from one of his other works based on Avatar: The Last Airbender follow up The Legend of Korra, Asami Loves Korra. He’s very kindly produced a couple of commissions for us clearly inspired by the latter.Modest Medusa Asami Loves Korra. Support Jake on Patreon. Help me make more Ghost Kiss comics! episode 8.06. by Jake on July 30, 2018 at 3:00 am. Chapter: Episode 8.HackerSploit here back again with another video, in this video, we will be looking at how to perform brute force password cracking with Medusa. I Hope you enjoy/enjoyed the video.Crowdfunding site Patreon is the latest in a long line of data breaches. On 30 September 2015, Patreon founder Jack Conte published a post on the company’s website, fessing up to the incident. Modest medusa patreon hacked.


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