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Patreon’s platform fee of 5% is pretty much the industry standard at this point. On top of that, the payment processor (Stripe or PayPal) charges a fee for each donation made, and these fees generally come out to an additional 5% or less.Patreon Reverses Payment Policy Changes, Says "We Messed Up". Image via Patreon Games News Patreon. Share Tweet Submit Pin. Crowdfunding website Patreon is an essential organ for content.The latest Tweets from DarkCookie (@darkcookiesaga). Official page for Summertime Saga a high quality Dating Sim/Visual Novel game in development. 18+ Page managed by CreamyCookieTop Patreon Games Ranked list of the most popular Patreon games including top earners. Updated daily. Check out more charts, like the Monthly Games Ranking or All Games Creators.Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Join over 100,000 creators earning salaries from over 2 million monthly patrons.Patreon was killing my creativity, with all the censorship, the patches, and I’m not sure if my patience would have lasted much longer. DMD will become Dating My Daughter again, and I’m really excited about that 🙂 P doesn’t like puppies either 😦 Thank you for being a loyal fan of the game patreon against incest games.On that note, I have two more Gaps in the market at the end of this post and I truly believe one of them is going to make someone millions of dollars. I didn’t look through all 46,000 creators on Patreon, but I did look at a few thousand before picking the most inspiring on the platform.Enter your email address to follow me and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 458 other followers. Follow MeLooking for game like Breeding Season Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. Looking for game like Breeding Season. Well, you can always go look on Patreon. Patreon against incest games.

-Please only games that is avaliable..(I know some games are coming butI don't want expectations)-If a Patreon game don't have atualizations for 3 months, please send a message.(This can change in the future.) I will separate in 9 categories(3 Steam: RPG, Visual Novel and Others, 3 Patreon: Same thing, 3 Others Sites: Again)Enter your email address to follow me and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 456 other followers. Follow MeOverview: You take on the role of a successful middle aged man who is starting to feel the years slip by. Maybe the new college students you and your wife have allowed to move in since your kids.SuperPoweredIt is a game made with with RenPy and the creator (Baal7734) renders everything in it, from characters to backgrounds and little clicky icons. The protagonist is called Billy, is 18 (going on 19) and just acquired his first super power : Enhanced Senses.Adult Game Studio making episodic visual novel with impactful choices. Go to www patreon against incest games.patreon/lewdlab to learn more!There’s a caveat to using Patreon though. If you wish to make a game with content that is considered questionable or extreme by the platform(i.e. incest, rape, mind control/break, etc) and Patreon catches wind of it they have in the past removed support for the game from their platform.As most of you will know, the development of Deeper has been a bumpy ride. From being sabotaged by another dev to being de-platformed from Patreon twice, I’ve watched support for Deeper on a verbal level increase, but on a financial level it has been built up and fallen again. Developing a game like Deeper is a HUGE undertaking.Most of all, I hope you understand that nothing has changed except our stance on four areas of content: bestiality, incest, sexual depiction of minors, and suggestive sexual violence. It breaks my heart that folks who contributed to OpenLetterToPatreon expressed fear for their pages. Patreon is not that kind of company.Patreon moves against NSFW content creators. and specifically about things like incest, insinuation of underage and possibly non-consensual sex, they made a move. Patreon against incest games.

By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you.Comic artist Michelle Czajkowski shares her path from DreamWorks to full-time comic artist and how launching a Patreon page helped make her dream a reality.Hi! My name is MrDots and create Adult Visual Novels for a living. I am currently in the process of creating two games - “Dating My Daughter” and “Melody”, and have received great support from all over the world, since I began back in September 2016.About Summertime Saga. Summertime Saga is an adult orientated high quality dating sim game, currently in development and funded wholly by Patreon backers. Set in a small suburban town, a young man just entering college is struck by the death of his father.Public Game Builds Here you can find and play the latest versions of our game available to the public! All of these are currently hosted on Patreon. We hope to have a web-version available in due time!Become a patron of MrDots Games today: Read 155 posts by MrDots Games and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.Show Your Support Edit. www.patreon/iccreations. Description Edit. A family of five (Son, Older Sister, Younger Sister, Mom and Dad) have just moved to a.Occultus is an adult visual novel about vampires, cults and the debauched lifestyles of the wealthy elite of a small town called Moroburg. You will play as a young man and after meeting your estranged Aunt while looking for work she will introduce you to the weird and wonderful dark underbelly of your home town.The new guidelines state that Incest, Bestiality and other taboo contents would not be allowed on Patreon's platform, but it does not stop on the platform, they also do not allow you to link to or advertise your game if it contains any of the above. Patreon against incest games.

This game does not belong on this site. There is absolutely NO TV/TG content. At all. This game started life as an Incest game, but is now a pure NTR Game. For those of you that dont know what NTR is, it's basically another guy thats better than you, seducing away the woman you want/or have, and leaving you powerless to do anything about it.Hi, I'm Joey. A Japanese-Australian dude who talks about anime and does other stupid shit. Still here? Then pop a seat and enjoy the ride. ༼ つ w ༽つ ProfileThis next game is very different from anything we’ve previously released. It’s obviously an adult game, but a lot more complex ethically and morally than anything we’ve ever done before. The game focuses on what separates us humans from everything else. What does it mean to be sentient? Are we special?The latest Tweets from Gumdrop Games (@gumdrop_games): "Just in case you missed my most recent post on Patreon, I'll be releasing Part VIII during the third week (17th-23rd) of December!This is true for illustrated, animated, or any other type of creations. Patreon reserves the right to review and remove accounts that may violate this guideline. We also do not allow other fringe sexual fetish creations, such as incest, necrophilia, or fetish creations that is hard to distinguish from non-consensual sex.r/NSFWgaming: NSFW gaming. My legacy JUST finished 1 week ago, it is good and has a bunch of endings, but the free one has no endings as that update is only for patreon members. it should be out fully for free eventually but i do recommend donating 5 bucks for it. try it free and if you like it enough then try donating to see the endings. that is what i did.Patreon is changing the way pledges to creators are handled, with many in the creative community concerned this will lead to smaller incomes and fewer subscribers. Launched in 2013, Patreon is a.-There’s a similar word repetition as Elena is pondering how drunk she is near the end of the game, but frankly it just makes her look drunk, so it’s kinda funny the way it is. GAME/WALKTHROUGH ISSUES – Truth Or Dare: Question 3, the walkthrough says you gain +2 friendship if you choose truth In the game, it did not increase the score at all.Deeper is in alpha development. As new mechanics are added some of the old mechanics need to be changed or removed and with so many functions being interlinked it takes a while to find all the dependencies and fix them which takes time. Patreon against incest games.

I'm currently working on Dreams of Desire, an adult visual novel with choices that influence gameplay. It's currently in development, with Episodes already finished and playable. You can see the progress on the game's Patreon page. Please check out my Patreon Page for more news and updates!Become a patron of ZL-Games today: Read 105 posts by ZL-Games and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. Patreon against incest games.


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