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Phil Sandifer's TARDIS Eruditorum reaches its final entry today, an essay… what you see is what you !!THUMP!! 5 Jun 2013 As a kid I had a couple of picture books which visualised sound — natural and orchestral — as lines and brightly coloured abstract shapes and star-bursts.Category Gaming; Suggested by NBCU/Dreamworks Family International Veggie Tales | Where Is My Hairbrush? | Veggie Tales Silly Songs With LarryAs Sandifer notes, Land sees Moldbug as a “perverse ally” as he is a “utopian whereas Land is a philosophical pessimist”. Moldbug asserts that the left represents “war, anarchy and crime”, thus disorder, and “order is simply good, and chaos is simply evil.” Land is, however, all about the chaos his useful clowns are sowing.A comic that presents itself as an argument for the merits of a married Peter Parker with an awesome superhero daughter, which is fine save for the tacit overlooking of the fact that it all gets.[This post originally went up at my PATREON: subscribers get to read posts and hear podcasts early — and help offset costs and time and help me do more of this kind of thing] This is a lightly edited extract from a piece I wrote for Frank Kogan’s fanzine WHY MUSIC SUCKS (#11, pub.June 1997).This is the greatest music video of All Time Show more. This item has been hiddenOver at Popular, Tom’s reached 1997 and Elton and Lady Di — his essay is of course excellent, and so are many of the (currently) 120+responses, especially Phil Sandifer’s, which is all about Blake and a haunted political unconcious. I’ve been superbusy all week, so my (very late, very long) comment is way down the pack; so I’m.Outing pedophiles is worse, says Phil Sandifer, than the offense itself. They are trying to deploy Weaponized Empathy again, but it’s falling on deaf ears. Donald Trump’s famous takedowns of the politically correct, and the massive support this language has engendered from the Right, indicate that we may have at last found a workable.Stream Episode Twenty Eight - Elizabeth Sandifer by Galactic Yo-yo from desktop or your mobile device Phil sandifer patreon cr1tikal.

Rocknerd is not a reliable path to artistic effect, but when it works, it really does.Sandifer produces “left-wing cultural criticism focusing on geek media,” he told me—which in itself doesn’t sound that far afield from sites like io9, Wired, or Boing Boing. He’s got less than a third of the Twitter followers I do, which you’d think would weaken his Patreon campaign.Provided by Alexa ranking, eruditorumpress has ranked N/A in N/A and 8,386,663 on the world.eruditorumpress reaches roughly 367 users per day and delivers about 11,015 users each month.TARDIS Eruditorum is a project of Phil Sandifer, a former university academic specializing in literature and media studies, and a massive Doctor Who fan. It’s the first notable exercise in popular culture studies of a psychochronography, a cultural and personal walk through the development of, in this case, Doctor Who.Nintendo Project Resumed is a blog series by my internet buddy Frezno, and it's a followup to Phil Sandifer's The Nintendo Project. Both are devoted to playing and writing up every game for the original NES. My article is part of a series on the original three Mega Man games.I was quite honoured that SK, one of the regular semi-troll commenters on Phil Sandifer's website visited my old post about the Star Trek episode "The Measure of a Man" from this May after Vaka Rangi linked to it in his discussion of that story.The 10 th of August, 2012, started just like any other day but by the following morning, Melanie Davis would be dead and her 15-year-old son, Zachary, would be in police custody.Contino as Sandifer takes the alias ‘Daddy-O’ to perform as a nightclub singer, suspecting the club’s owner Sidney Chillas of some involvement in his friend’s murder, in a film whose poster would later appear in Jack Rabbit Slim’s in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, and whose lead character would inspire a short story by James.Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019 Action / Adventure Video Game) developed by Next Level Games and published Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch as reviewed by Charlie and Jackson. Phil sandifer patreon cr1tikal.

Would It Be An Idea For Me To Use Patreon? Posted on January 25, 2014 by Andrew Hickey Via Phil Sandifer, I’ve just become aware of Patreon , a crowdfunding site that is set up unlike Kickstarter in that it is designed for paying people to create regular, small pieces of content rather than large individual ones — it’s for bloggers.This post was selected for inclusion in our Future of Art and Work series in December 2016. The series, sponsored by Microsoft Surface, selects some of our best posts exploring the topics of how.Phil Sandifer @PhilSandifer. Subscribe , 8 tweets, 1 min read Read on Twitter. Tweet Share Email Embed. Bookmark Save as PDF It's increasingly clear the worst harm.A Little Warm in My Heart (Winter) Posted by: Elizabeth Sandifer 4 days, 23 hours ago A fitting entry for a day I'm snowed in with a foot of snow. Anyway, quick update about where we stand on Doctor Who Series 12 reviews, as it's just under a month until it debuts.A (presumably) one-off charity single from Ithaca Psychogeographic Liberation Front, which in practice seems to be Seeming featuring Phil Sandifer and Meredith Collins. Far too many quotables to note here, but you should probably have a close listen so as to accept your citizenship in New Ithaca, with all the rights and responsibilities.Phil Sandifer's TARDIS Eruditorum reaches its final entry today, an essay… Time Reconsidered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Who Eps: #16 THE CURSE OF FENRIC 24 Sep 2011 or “it's warm -- BLOOD warm!” … being a show-by-show TARDIS-esque (ie in effect random) exploration of Doctor Who Soup to Nuts, begun at LJ’s diggerdydum community, and.Let's talk about a pair of boxes. In his excellent, ongoing project TARDIS Eruditorum, Phil Sandifer discusses the so-called E-Space stories of Doctor Who, a period in which the Fourth Doctor and his companion was thrown into an alternate universe by a deep-space encounter with a phenomenon referred to as a Charged Vacuum Emboitment.Watching Doctor Who a short bonus episode in which I talk about Doctor Who episode The Lie Of The Land, and expand upon my previous attempts to make sense of this story phil sandifer patreon cr1tikal. The original podcast I did on this subject, with legendary Who blogger Phil Sandifer, can be found here:The Trailer Park Boys have been a part of my life ever since the show’s first episodes ran on the Canadian Showcase network in 2002. That’s true for a lot of people in Canada. Its creators and… Phil sandifer patreon cr1tikal.

A Post On A Topic Selected By My Patreon Backers “Love is Zero G”: Melora; Minnesota Biblical; Comics Reviews (February 24th, 2016) “The register of machined-being belongs to the milieu of dream logic”: Phantasms; Lost Exegesis (The Moth) -- Part 1; Phil Sandifer's Hugo Ballot “Set course for home”: Cardassians; Eco, Ur-Fascism, and DogsPhil Sandifer sits down with Kieron Gillen to talk about his new series Uber: Invasion, the second part of his alternate history World War II story, which sees Nazi superhumans invade the US. So yeah, that's a little on the nose.I had the pleasure of interviewing author Phil Sandifer, who wrote the famed Doctor Who blog "TARDIS Eruditorum" covering a wide range of topics, but namely his spirituality and occultism. The second part of the interview will be up tomorrow.Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Patreon backers, Watching bonus episodes return in 2019! And to kick off, Dr. David Baume returns to watch and discuss 1951's The Man From Planet X. David's website can be found here: Why Robocop is the greatest movie ever made. Theme tune provided by The Disciples of Gonzo, from their track Superhero.Elizabeth Sandifer @ElSandifer OK, so, time to make an obvious but important point: my identity as a trans woman can and routinely does trump my identity as a member of the working class, and any leftism that tries to make it secondary is simply not viable for me.Sandifer, for his part, didn’t bother denying this, saying only that “Politics is a form of quality” before calling his critics “effing morons.” Except, of course, that Sandifer was talking about voting, not based on the political messages in books, but based on what the authors believed.If you kickstarted Phil Sandifer's Neoreaction a Basilisk then you should have a preview of his Gamergate article "The Blind All-Seeing Eye of Gamergate" in your inbox. Otherwise you'll have to wait until this weekend when it goes up on his site.Hbomberguy YouTube video taken down in manner of minutes Don't know if this is the right place to post this (mods feel free to delete) but, hbomberguy uploaded a video called "Sherlock is garbage and here's why" and it was taken down by YouTube on the grounds of a claim by the BBC, minutes after upload.And Phil Sandifer said nice things about the book. “I’ve been enjoying the hell out of the book, which takes the tired “trashy exploitation films have something interesting to say” angle and finds fresh new life in it, suggesting that the genre works by “looking wrong” at the world, and that this is a generative and, well, fecund. Phil sandifer patreon cr1tikal.

Not A Review Of Neoreaction A Basilisk Posted on May 30, 2016 by Andrew Hickey Phil Sandifer sent me a review copy of his book Neoreaction a Basilisk , ostensibly about Eliezer Yudkowsky, Nick Land, and “Mencius Moldbug”, a couple of weeks ago.I’m saying it’s a “tradeoff” that literally isn’t a tradeoff to sensibly make, and I just wrote 1300 words explaining why. If you’re going to talk it up, you also have to talk up why this is a terrible idea that literally does about 20% less for the charity than donating directly would.Oh, I don’t think it’s an afterlife either, but I can see how some people would think it is if you don’t know much about Shinto. The idea of the spirit world is at least somewhat familiar to me, as we did have to learn a little about Shintoism as part of the New York State Regents curriculum and I’ve seen a good bit of Miyazaki’s work.A month ago Phil Sandifer proclaimed loftily over on Eruditorum Press that "the bulk of criticism of the Star Wars prequel trilogy is worse at being criticism than the prequels are at being movies." I'm going to blithely go a step further, possibly out into empty air over a Tatooine ravine, and say that most criticism about Star Wars in general.Sandifer posited in his article on "The Reign of Terror" that the disappointing episodes of Doctor Who, the ones ripe with potential that never quite clicks, are a large part of why the series could potentially continue forever. If so, then the same is true of fanfiction: the compellingly awkward works, the ones whose reach exceed their grasp.Phil Sandifer is a writer, Philosopher, and occultist who I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing before with the Southgate Media Group. His new book, “Neoreaction a Basilisk” is currently being Kickstarted. I’ve had the chance to read it, and it’s a fast paced, hilarious, thought provoking read, and definitely worth your time!As Phil Sandifer (the writer this post is most indebted to) noted on Tumblr a while back, Swamp Thing #56 explores the possibility of a god like being creating human life, and the comic found the results to be less than promising. VEIDT: Jon, wait, before you leave… I did the right thing, didn’t I? It all worked out in the end. DR.But if this were to happen to Cr1TiKaL, would he be okay? I mean, I assume that the charity and patreon pages are still keeping him in good shape. But would he still be able to do his thing to the moistest of his abilities without Monetization? This is all just really concerning, and I want to know what you guys think.Phil, who for some reason is a fan and supporter of this very blog, and who sent me a draft of the book about a month ago to pick over, basically has created something in a form that should be somewhat familiar to Homestuck fans: he's created a text that among other things is an example of what it's trying to analyze. Phil sandifer patreon cr1tikal.

Site title of www.eruditorumpress is Blog | Eruditorum Press. IP is on nginx/1.4.6 (Ubuntu) works with 2485 ms speed phil sandifer patreon cr1tikal. World ranking 316624 altough the site value is 864.January 5, 2016 book reviews, phil sandifer, reviews, topical “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin…” Due diligence: I am a backer of Phil’s Patreon, and received the ebook version of this for free as a backer reward. Phil sandifer patreon cr1tikal.


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