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Soulmate Swap (Daichi Katsuragi) It was inspired by the soulmate prompt: at a certain age/one night a year everyone swaps bodies with their soulmate and have a limited time to leave hints/clues. It features Daichi Katsuragi from My Sweet Bodyguard (a broad muscular sexy hunk of a man!)My Sweet Bodyguard (恋人は専属SP Koibito wa Senzoku SP) is an interactive romance novel developed and published by Voltage. The game was released on Apple and Android devices on 21 September 2011 in Japanese and 11 March 2013 in English.'My Sweet Bodyguard' is a Otome Game/ Maiden Game which is designed for iPhone4/ 4S and iPhone 3Gs. (Not compatible with iPhone 3G, iPad,iPad2 and iPod touch). In this game, you take on the role of a girl who is unknowingly the daughter of the Prime Minister who has been assigned to have a 24-hour bodyguard with you at all times.My Forged Wedding. Takao Maruyama. Butler Until Midnight??? Finally, In Love Again. Kanata Tachibana. Serendipity Next Door. Jinpachi Yushima. Office Secrets??? Her Love in the Force??? Metro PD Close to You * Hiroshi Kirisawa * True Love Sweet Lies. Nozomu Fuse. Love Letter From Thief X. Taiga Kujo. My Sweet Bodyguard. Daichi Katsuragi.MY SWEET BODYGUARD: DAICHI KATSURAGI HAPPY ENDING WALKTHROUGHMAIN STORY: Chapter 1 Lovers You’re really looking after me Chapter 2 It’s a little weird Katsuragi saved me Chapter 3 Do you hateMy Sweet Bodyguard (Gree) Walkthroughs & Guide Kindly note that i do not own the guide, but i have added in pictures & my own notes to the existing guide. These walkthroughs & guides are just for reference. I’ve used them myself based on my initial compatibility with the characters.Voltage Inc (Reviews & Walkthrough) March 12, 2016 December 12, 2017. My Sweet Bodyguard. Daichi Katsuragi main story / proposal / dead or love / wedding;Hi! I just got into the Voltage games and your blog is one of my important references in considering buying routes or when I just want to satisfy my curiousity about other characters in the game. If you tell it’s worth getting, then I buy them. I noticed most of your reviews are dated back two or three years but I still find them very helpful.My Sweet Bodyguard, Voltage, Walkthrough, Daichi, Katsuragi, Main Story, Sequel, Dead or Love, Wedding Story, The Honeymoon, London Calling, Where the Heart is, My sweet bodyguard daichi katsuragi patreon.

Based off the otome game 'My Sweet Bodyguard', by Voltage, Inc. Katsuragi Daichi (1) Fujisaki Mizuki (1) Hirosue Sora (1) Akizuki Kaiji (1) Include RelationshipsDaichi: (Daichi could be two ways during your first time. He could either be gentle or let his inner beast unleash. Regardless, he would take his time at first and discover what you like and do not like.) *Has you on top of him so that you could take control of how deep he is inside of you. Looks up at you.* “Are you comfortable?This is one of the older Voltage game, but it's still one of the best. It's so funny (especially Kosugie!) and dramatic. I liked how love grows between MC and her bodyguard, without having the feeling that she just mistakes "feeling save, because it's his job" with Love.Find love with a bodyguard who's sworn to protect you 24 hours a day"É com o tempo que percebemos que para sermos felizes não precisamos necessariamente de muitas pessoas, mas sim de pessoas que são "muito". Muito boas, muito humildes, muito siThis blog combines Texts from Last Night with screencaps from Voltage's My Sweet Bodyguard otome game. (all images and characters belongs to Voltage Inc.) Sibling blogs: ~Texts From 2nd Unit (MPD:CTY)Here is image from My Sweet Bodyguard – Subaru – Main Story, posted by Henryk Rose, on January 23, 2019, image size: 608kB, width: 800, height: 1333, My Word, E.My Sweet Bodyguard - Daichi "Chief" Katsuragi route All his tidyness got me Edgey Daichi is the first character I'm going for in this game and I'm almost in the end of his route.My Sweet Bodyguard: My Bittersweet Story Fanfiction. Socially awkward 18 year Ariana Hanasaki was suddenly told that she is the Prime Minister's daughter and had to pick a personal bodyguard to watch her 24/7. She picked the bodyguard that was an ex pop-star who she still obsesses over, Mizuki Fujisak My sweet bodyguard daichi katsuragi patreon.

My Sweet Bodyguard ~Daichi Katsuragi - Walkthrough~ This is the guide/walkthrough for the Main Story and not the sequel or any of the special stories. Also, these are the answers that I picked in order to get the Sweet Happy Ending.Aww, thank you for understanding. <3 I try my best with the headcanon ideas you all send me but right now, since i’m going through some things, it’s like my brain has been foggy. BUT, hearing you guys say how much you like them helps out my writer’s block. I appreciate messages like these. Thank you!My Sweet Bodyguard (Gree). Daichi Katsuragi Main Story / Epilogue Sequel / Bridal / Dead Or Love / London. Subaru & Katsuragi In ShanghaiDaichi Katsuragi is the leader of the bodyguard team and also a strict inspector. He has strong leadership skill and very reliable as a bodyguard. He is super protective of the protagonist and always want to know more about her, but doesn't reveal much about himself. It is hard to guess what he is thinking or feeling too.Subaru Ichiyanagi. Main Story Sequel DEAD or LOVE Wedding Story The Honeymoon London Calling London Calling Part 2 Where the Heart Is Fated Crossroads A Bundle of JoyMy Sweet Bodyguard is an otome game by Voltage Inc. You find out that you're the daughter of the Japan's Prime Minister and you're life is in danger, and you fall in love with one of the bodyguards who are protecting you.My Sweet Bodyguard for Android. Daichi Katsuragi: The Chief InspectorDetective Katsuragi is the group leader of the Department. He cares a lot about his men and is someone you can rely on.My Forged Wedding: Yamato Kougami Takamasa Saeki Ren Shibasaki Takao Maruyama Kunihiko Aikawa My Sweet Bodyguard: Kaiji Akizuki Subaru Ichiyanagi Daichi Katsuragi. Metro PD: Close to You: Hiroshi Kirisawa Kazusa Hanai Yutaka Tennoji Tadanobu Nomura Shusuke Asano Eiki Yachigusa Ryohei Kimura. Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: Ichigo Sato Haruki.Daichi Katsuragi: The Chief Inspector Detective Katsuragi is the group leader of the Department. He cares a lot about his men and is someone you can rely on. Support Please check the FAQ before contacting us. If you still need help after reading the FAQ, use the Contact Us button from within the App or use the App Support button on this page. My sweet bodyguard daichi katsuragi patreon.

My Sweet Bodyguard Special Event The Sweetest Wedding Walkthrough ( Daichi and Subaru) eimi0717: “ Daichi Katsuragi: A.I’ll try to think of something too A.goodnight Daichi husband is a bit alittle mymymeili A little madness, A little kindness, Makes for happiness. MY SWEET BODYGUARD: Kaiji Akizuki Daichi Katsuragi. MY SWEET BODYGUARD: DAICHI.My Sweet Bodyguard - Daichi "Chief" Katsuragi route #3 Wait, what do you mean "too soon"? Got his best ending, finally~. and he's so sweet and caring all the time.My Romantic Three Kingdoms Zhuge Kongming Cao Zihuan Zhou Gongjin. My Sweet Bodyguard Daichi Katsuragi Hideki ishigami Kaiji Akizuki Mizuki Fujisaki Seiji Goto Sora Hirosuke Subaru Ichiyanagi Toru Kurosawa. My Sweet Proposal Mitsui Kenta Sakura Ryuichi Todo Masaya Seo Eishi Event: Demanding Boyfriend. Mystical Butterfly Suzaku Genbu Byakko.My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE. Daichi Katuragi my sweet bodyguard daichi katsuragi patreon. Kaiji is sweet He keeps wooing the MC in Katsuragi's route haha! Yep, I know a few good ones.Kaiji Akizuki 005. Daichi Katsuragi 006. Information ----- This is a walkthrough for the game called "My Sweet Bodyguard for Gree". It is a dating sim, where a girl can date bodyguards.My Sweet Bodyguard is a Romance Game Visual Novel by Voltage Inc for iOS and Android devices. An expanded Free-to-Play version has also been released for the GREE social networking service, and a Westernized adaptation has been released by Voltage Entertainment USA under the title To Love and.Daichi Katsuragi is one of the characters you can select in the game My Sweet Bodyguard. Daichi was brought up in a wealthy class family and was raised as the heir to the family's company. However, he decided to become a bodyguard and is disowned by his father as a result. He used to live in theJul 8, 2015- Explore hailibaily's board "My Sweet Bodyguard" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Voltage games, Anime and Sweet. My sweet bodyguard daichi katsuragi patreon.

SEASON 1 MAIN STORY: Chapter 1 Please don’t get the wrong idea What does that mean Chapter 2 Deny it I don’t know how Chapter 3 Don’t be ridiculous! Nod obediently Chapter 4 Call out to stop him Don’t look at me Chapter 5 He’s scary I think I’ll stay behind Chapter 6 Ask Mr.…Walkthroughs ˟ʚ BE MY PRINCESS: PARTY ɞ˟. ˟ʚ MY SWEET BODYGUARD (GREE) ɞ˟ Daichi Katsuragi Kaiji Akizuki Mizuki Fujisaki Seiji GotoSo I wrote this as a “My Sweet Bodyguard” smut fan fiction, starring MC and Daichi Katsuragi. It is NSFW and contains masturbation and intercourse. (Been a while since I wrote Daichi, so sorry if I didn’t get his personality just right.) ~ @dragonsrequiem [email protected]~ [email protected]~ [email protected]~ With a gasp she shifted, the sweat on her skin making the sheets move.My Sweet Bodyguard walkthrough my sweet bodyguard daichi katsuragi patreon. KATSURAGI DAICHI. Chapter 1 – Lovers. – You look sweet when you laugh – He’s acting weird.Voltage Inc Walkthroughs. A Knight’s Devotion. My Sweet Bodyguard. Daichi Katsuragi. True Love Sweet Lies. Kiyoharu Nanahoshi''Hello Miss Komori. My name is Daichi Katsuragi, I'm the chief of the bodyguards section. I would like to tell you that you should not worry about anything. I assure you that you are completely safe with us.'' he said bowing in respect. ''I'll better be!" I put my arms on my hips as bossy attitude showed up. My sweet bodyguard daichi katsuragi patreon.


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