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Starguardian Ahri transformation ! ^o^took me a few trys but was fun to paint. nudie,PSD+3-4k HD jpg,steps, etc>www.patreon/posts/15015970Haven't painted Ahri for a while :3 but I though I'd do a more elaborate version of the. available through my patreon. That shows how good Sakimichan is.SHIT! I cannot unsee that.You make some damn gorgeous gals Sakimichan, but I think this is the first big-ish slip up I've seen. You're only human after all.My take on Academy Dva new skin ;3 ft Academy Ahri <3This took a lot longer than I expected ;o; but I'll call it a day on this for now ,phew ! !sfw/nsfw/psd,hd jpg.Ahri:1 Bad guy: 0 Fun painting of #overwatch/ Lol inspired crossover ^o^ Ahri in #Dva inspired outfit ! nude,PSD+4k HD jpg,steps,vid etc>www.patreon/posts.r/AhriMains: A subreddit for the discussion of Ahri, the foxy champion from League of Legends.This term's portrait voice over tutorial ft: Elder wood skin Ahri <3 it's painted on one layer in a total of 6 steps ;3/ voice over tutorial-www.patreon.See More by sakimichan. Featured in collections. I though of bring back one of my most drawn and loved characters to paint Ahri <3 . via Patreon already D= Reply.Become a patron of Cheesu Cosplay today: Read 156 posts by Cheesu Cosplay and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. Popstar ahri sakimichan patreon.

**Culture** Have you baked a sweet League-themed cake? Come up with the next great champion or skin idea? Drawn a sublime masterpiece you’d like to share with others?Steam Workshop: Wallpaper Engine. Ahri from League of Legends in her birthday suit. Art is by Sakimichan. There is subdued animation throughout. Original image was 2326x3400px and was rotated and cropped to fit standard 16x9 resolutioSteam Workshop: Wallpaper Engine. Ahri from League of Legends by Sakimichan Support the artist : www popstar ahri sakimichan patreon.patreon/sakimichanFaker's First Professional Game - The Debut Of The Best Player In LoL History ( The God Was Born ) - Duration: 40:31. Be Challenger 2,007,525 [email protected] ‏ Verified account @SakimiChanArt Mar 23 Follow Follow @ SakimiChanArt Following Following @ SakimiChanArt Unfollow Unfollow @ SakimiChanArt Blocked Blocked @ SakimiChanArt Unblock Unblock @ SakimiChanArt Pending Pending follow request from @ SakimiChanArt Cancel Cancel your follow request to @ SakimiChanArtFollow me on FB ;) : www.facebook/TheBloupsi Patreon: www.patreon/TheBloupsi Software: Maya Sorry for the quality, my file was full HD but.OMG, words cannot express how much I love this. I always loved her art style ever since she drew that first Ahri piece. I wanted her to do one on Popstar Ahri, my favourite skin, but it didn't look like it would happen and the only way would be though a commission, which I don't think she does any more.Lolita Ahri - Black Cat - Art by Sakimichan. Description Discussions 0 Comments 4 Change Notes. New art from Sakimichan, to see more, go check her Patreon :) < > 4.Sakimichan s Collection Support them on patreon! [www popstar ahri sakimichan patreon.patreon] Discord server for requests and wallpaper release notifications [discord.gg] For more special wallpapers check out Lulu's Sunday. If you want more, there are Strawberry Pie and Lemon Cheesecake. Other collections are here. In case of questions this FAQ might help. < > Popstar ahri sakimichan patreon.

my favorite of the Kd/a group !*_* kd/a Ahri. The tail was interesting to work on XD sfw/nsfw psd,hd jpg, video process etc-www.patreon/posts/22624456.Enjoy ^_^ PSD/HD JPG/ NSFW/SFW/VIDEO TUTORIALS ETC will be available via my Patreon: www.patreon/sakimichan _____ Music used: NCS NoCopyRightSoundsI tried to paint black cat D.va skin version for Ahri too <3 I call it lolita Ahri.nudie,PSD+3-4k HD jpg,steps, etc>www.patreon/posts/17734867Sakimichan - Starguardian Ahri Transformation Like us on Facebook! Share Pin Tweet PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery, 'g. Know Your Meme.Yaassss, I have the originals as my phone wallpapers so when it's locked I got D.Va, when unlocked I got Ahri. This is just icing on my cake 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likesfinally done phew. the poolparty Ahri to my swimsuit Dva with them hanging out <3animing for photo lighting ! nude,PSD+3-4k HD jpg,steps,vid etc>www.patreon.This term's voice over tutorial will be on how I painted This portrait of the new Elderwood skin for Ahri .This tutorial has a total of 6 steps on how i reached the final render from color blocking to full render : ) Of course I had to jump on the new Ahri skin <3 really like the fantasy aspect of it !Your email. Password. Sign inwww.reddit Popstar ahri sakimichan patreon.

Official YouTube channel for Sakimichan . I post time lapse of my paintings here : ) I'll try to post more often hopefully once per week. You can support me.Thank you for dropping by my art page. If you like my work, please consider supporting me via my patreon. I'm creating PSD, high res jpg, tutorials, video process,nsfw, and other goodies !Wanted to paint SG Ahri in the process of transforming in a way ! Painted in some fabric motion to imply it .Took me a few trys still not completely happy with it but time to move on !Ahri isnt really a malicious demon, her lore was updated, she feels remorse for what she's done and frankly, smite's Da Ji looks super similar to ahri, just with a few more details and brown tails. It's literally just a pretty asian lady with tails and revealing [email protected] ‏ Verified account @SakimiChanArt Aug 16 Follow Follow @ SakimiChanArt Following Following @ SakimiChanArt Unfollow Unfollow @ SakimiChanArt Blocked Blocked @ SakimiChanArt Unblock Unblock @ SakimiChanArt Pending Pending follow request from @ SakimiChanArt Cancel Cancel your follow request to @ SakimiChanArt Popstar ahri sakimichan patreon.


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